Mind Manipulation Spell

Mind Manipulation Spell

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I know what you were thinking last summer<br /><br />

Have you ever been curious as to how people can have such a vain way of thinking? Too many people you meet feel that they are owed something, that there shit don't stink so to speak! <br /><br />

I cannot stand this mentality... don't act as if your life is so much harder than other people's because simply put, life isn't fair. This is a lesson that people should be taught at a young age; they should be taught to appreciate and be happy with what they have!<br /><br />

In today's society people try harder than ever to live up to lifestyle "requirements" that are forecast in the media. <br /><br />

So to progress forward they make decisions and poor choices to impress others. You need to live freely and follow your heart; not try to compete with friends, family or neighbors!<br /><br />

The process of this dismay made me think of how to help others who have this same issue of annoyance that I do. <br /><br />

I came across Curtis Zane, a spell caster who works with personality components. He was telling me about his career and what he has done to help with matters of the mind. <br /><br />

He granted this item with a memory spell. This invoked the item to hold the energy of memory manipulation. This piece will allow you to capture the thoughts of the people you talk to. Imagine that you say something that you later regret --- this will allow you to maniuplate the minds of those you talk to so you can change their memory of that discussion.<br /><br />

This invigoration of power is immensely useful -- you can hear the true thoughts that people think in their heads --- as they normally will cover up their pure thoughts with something "nice" before the words come out of their mouths.<br /><br />

No more sugar coated lies will ever need to surface because you will know what they really think.<br /><br />

This is a favorite piece of our staff ... as there are endless ways to use this manipulating power of the mind~!<br /><br />