Spin to Win!!

Spin to Win!!

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Spin to Win<br /><br />

I am addicted to summertime festivals. I love to go socialize with the local people and especially play the carnival games.<br /><br />

Although the prizes are normally junk, I still waste my money in hopes that I will win. My favorite would have to be games where you spin a wheel. I like to feel like I am lucky because I always seem to win.<br /><br />

Deedee doesn't play because she feels it would be cheating as she can sense what will come up -- she will never help me, but I normally do pretty good anyway!<br /><br />

So while talking about spinning wheels we got into a discussion about the wheels turning in the mind while you think, and then it led to the 'Wheel of Destiny.'<br /><br />

The Wheel of Destiny symbolizes the blessed movement of significance that turns and indicates the sequence of each individuals life. <br /><br />

You will be able to chronologically match the quatrains that ascend and descend the central ports of your life by portraying the creation of the symbol of astronomic algorithm. <br /><br />

This piece brings forth the wheel into your astral fortress and allows you to spin it in your dreams.<br /><br />

The allocation of the outcome will advance the deed of the successes that are planned out on your path. We were all born to bring sacred spiritual connections upon the land and have facets of creative outlets that we are destined to create.<br /><br />

Being able to spin your own wheel can help you control the demolished portals of the secretive aspects that have been hindered in your life. Negative aspects will put up blockages that can stop you from easily understanding and achieving your destined enrichment!<br /><br />

This item will help you be a "winner" in your life as the wheel of destiny can be altered and changed by knowing what is spun and what you are here to do!<br /><br />

Take a chance and spin to win~!<br /><br />

This is a very rare piece --- the holographic image will fortify in your mind after bonding*<br /><br />