Split Acquisitional Mind Powers

Split Acquisitional Mind Powers

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Power and secrecy<br /><br />

This item was invoked with power to mimic the rituals of the alcon blue butterfly.<br /><br />

The alcon blue butterfly secretes a chemical while still in the larval stage that mimics that of ant larvae.<br /><br />

Ants that come in contact with the young butterfly carry it back to the nest and raise it as if it were their own child. Sometimes the ants take better care of the intruders than they do their own offspring. Their is an allure and attraction to the young butterfly.<br /><br />

Alcon blue butterflies have been known to spend up to two years in hibernating this way. Unfortunately for the ants, when the larva reaches the caterpillar stage, it often eats all the ants in the nest. <br /><br />

This aspiration of the food chain showcases a sly interaction of integrity that allows for an eventful feast at the end.<br /><br />

The emblem of power in this item is charged with interjections of disguise and quantum abundance, utilized through energies of mind control.<br /><br />

This will allow you to live a double life without fear of anyone knowing, and then if you ever disclose it you will be empowered to be the controller of the situation.<br /><br />

So you have no fear of losing control or being caught --- this comes in handy for many aspects of your life.<br /><br />

You can sidetrack your competition as you crush them to climb up the corporate ladder, or you can date multiple people and make them feel that they are the only one, without fear of anyone finding out --- these are contractual factors that you can control~!<br /><br />

The ideas of how this power of mind control can be used is endless --- there are always situations where you wish you could be seen differently by different people... you can fit in with the rough crowd and the prim and proper --- this is your ticket to ultimate success!!<br /><br />


This piece is especially powerful, because it is 925 Sterling Silver.  As you know, this metal is especially conducive for magical rituals.  This will also allow you better acquisition of powers and magic int he future!!