Pooped out Luck Powers!!

Pooped out Luck Powers!!

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Get me a gift, or your getting my special deposit<br /><br />

Caga Tio is the pooping tree trunk that is found as part of the Catlaonia region's Christmas festivities.<br /><br />

Emir experienced this firsthand and was granted an amazing empowered piece!<br /><br />

The tradition starts with a hollow low... beginning at the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the family "feeds" the Tio and covers him with a warm blanket each night. <br /><br />

Then, at Christmas, the family gathers together, sings songs, puts the Tio partly into the fire and beats it with sticks until it excretes presents of candy, nuts, or figs. <br /><br />

When the Tio is finished pooping, it signals this by dropping salted herring, a head of garlic, an onion, or by 'urinating,' whereupon the entire log is burned. <br /><br />

This is where the expression "If you don't give me a present I will beat the crap out of you came from!<br /><br />

Well Emir heard of this tradition and had to check it out for himself, to see what would happen!?<br /><br />

He visited with his friend, Ruger's, family and stayed with them to celebrate Christmas.<br /><br />

Long and behold the traditional components took place and to make a long story short, Emir had an endearing item of power shoot out at him. <br /><br />

His "turd" so to speak was this gorgeous powerful item. His openness to believe and understand, is what brought him this luck token.<br /><br />

This item has been tested and it is a wealth item. It will proclaim an amazing windfall upon someone who has very little... keeping the traditional aspect of magic alive!<br /><br />

You will gain much, from something that starts out hollow! Emptiness is evasive and will be filled with wealth and virtue -- do not miss out on this piece of Christmas joy... ~!<br /><br />