Dianic Occult Magic
Dianic Occult Magic

Dianic Occult Magic

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Dianic Magic<br /><br />

This piece is more for the feminist at heart-- or for people like me. It holds an ancient form of magic that has been around since before the times of Christ... not that it has anything to do with him. I just wanted to let you know that the magic is ANCIENT!! <br /><br />

The magic has been passed down from this time via a coterie of females that has somehow managed to stay in power and secretive, both at the same time. They have ruled dynasties from afar. They have led nations into great demise. It is basically whatever they want they get. Their powers have no limits, know no bounds. They are remote; and who gave them this authority? Their goddess. <br /><br />

Diana is an ancient Goddess who was worshiped in the beginning of time by the Romans. She held powers over many things. She was venerated as the “Great” goddess and revered as Goddess of the hunt, of the moon, and of reproduction. <br /><br />

The powers that she exhibits are so powerful that the veneration of Diana still exists today in a religion known as Dianic Wicca. Now, these are mainstream followers, but the originals-- the ones that hold all of the original powers from Diana, who received hers from the Gods-- are the ones who gave me this piece, telling me that it will do many good things. <br /><br />

There is a sacred bloodline of the Dianic Wicca cult that not many people know about. These are the ones that hold the real powers. They are the ones who have been fully spiritually fortified with the powers of the Realm of Gods, to sanctify others with the powers, if should they choose. <br /><br />

I received this piece from a friend of mine, who is part of the bloodline of Diana. She agreed to help me make this piece, as long it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. What this piece is going to do for you is call upon the Great Goddess, Diana. She is very powerful and she is willing to listen. <br /><br />

Diana will give you her ancient, occult form of magic-- the same magic that she gave to the Romans that helped them prosper. She will give you her white form of witchcraft magic. With this magic you will be able to perform many spells. You will learn the rites and rituals that will make you powerful and help you prosper in your veneration of the goddess. She will give you the power of remote casting, which means you can apply your magic from anywhere in the world, regardless the circumstance. This is how the Romans would defeat most their enemies-- by casting this magic on their enemies, taking control of their minds, and then, simply slaughtering their way through battle. <br /><br />

She will also bring you a form of spiritual magic that has come from the Realm of Gods, that will allow you to be on their level and rise above in the magic that you practice. She will bring you spells and divination powers and enchantments galore. <br /><br />

There is a reason why the veneration of one particular goddess has remained alive for so long. You can be part of the veneration and you will know firsthand what it feels like to be part of such a powerful and magical elite. You will become one of them; but this piece is the key in. This ring is a surefire way to achieve all of the magical majesty that you have ever wished to obtain. It's waiting for you!!<br /><br />