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Drop your baggage<br /><br />

We all carry around elements of our life that we wish we could forget. Every life is like a map and the ports of call formulate the milestones that occur as we live.<br /><br />

It is often hard for us to recall some memories that have been collected as we push them deep in the membranes of our brain and forget the trail. Powers of resistance are forceful and astonishing in assisting as a beneficial component of restraint.<br /><br />

This item holds powers of resistance... it houses the abilities of emotional resistance and power manipulation. The piece will purify and cleanse you so you will have no doubts of the existing world. You will no longer have to worry about your life being jeopardized by the hindrance of emotional baggage. <br /><br />

The relationships that have failed, or scarred your soul will not longer be a burden in your life. Are you having trouble getting over an ex-? Has a friend betrayed you? Instances such as these can really mess up a person -- it can un-align your auric energies and break down your soul. This piece will adhere to any and all changes that have occurred due to an emotional attack and will affix restitution to your spirit.<br /><br />

You also will be able to prevent others from being able to steal your ideas and abilities. When you are burdened, depressed or just don't care you let off vibrational sensations that occultists are attracted too. This will allow someone with a pulling piece to extract your energies and powers. <br /><br />

This item holds the power manipulation ability to prevent this from happening!<br /><br />

So you will no longer have to live in the past, or be affected in the present by ports along your map of life that have brought you despair -- this piece will volatilize the positives that have happened during your life and remind you of your blessings with recollections of good times in your life.<br /><br />

In other words this is an uplifting item that will re-assess your vantage point on life and showcase the strengths that have helped you, and make you forget the delinquent affairs that have brought negativity upon your life!<br /><br />

This is a great piece for someone searching for a fresh start~! The powers of resistance are strong and extraordinary.<br /><br />