The Nitocris Charm
The Nitocris Charm

The Nitocris Charm

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The Nitocris Charm<br /><br />

This piece holds the powers of the Great Pyramids; and not only the pyramids of Giza. This piece holds the powers of all the Pyramids that have ever been discovered. It is known that Pyramids pop up all over the world from Egypt, where they are most famous, to China, even to places in the United States and Mexico. The mysticism and powers of the these ancient structures are well-known, but not so well documented. <br /><br />

This piece will be your documentation-- and it will be all the documentation you will ever need. It holds the spirit of the Egyptian Queen, Nitocris. Not much is known about Nitocris, but the rumors that circulated state that she was the bravest and most beautiful woman of her time. She commissioned no structures to be built in remembrance of her upon her death, so there is officially no monument sanctioned to honor her. She is referred to in the Turin-king list by traveler Herodotus, who makes brief mention of her. <br /><br />

Herodotus, being the heiress in time of uncertainty, ended up with the throne due to the death of her brother, who was set to heir. She invited those who murdered her brother into a banquet hall, where she released the flood gates of the Nile, killing them all. She then submerged herself in ashes to escape her punishment. Her reign lasted less than three years. <br /><br />

After she avenged her brother, the Queen committed suicide for fear of further conspiracy against herself. Some say she was responsible for the 3rd Pyramid of Giza, but that claim has laid unsubstantiated. With that being said, the rhinestones that adorn this necklace have been found in the 3rd Pyramid. They were shaped and fit into this necklace by an alchemist that discovered them there during an astral travel. <br /><br />

The rhinestones, as it turns out, aren't just rhinestones. They are stones that have formed by the spill blood Nitocris. The blood seeped into the dirt and gravel of the ground, sanctifying and and storing up magical power and divination. These stones were found during excavation, and like I said, crafted into this necklace during a procedure with a modern-day alchemist. <br /><br />

This piece is very powerful, in that you can meditate with it and will cause you to fall into an out-of-body experience. Once you are there, you will be accepted into the Realm of the Zodiac. Anyone who knows about the pyramids knows that they were constructed in accordance to the zodiac and the stars. The most powerful of these constellations is Orion, for instance, which is the pattern the Great Pyramids of Giza were constructed after. <br /><br />

Once you are in the Realm of the Zodiac, you will obtain all of the ancient Egyptian knowledge-- AND I MEAN ALL!! There is not a hindrance to this piece. It opens your mind and crams in enlightenment and magic and knowledge and divination and white powers and the powers from the underworld and the powers used in the construction of the all the Great Pyramids. The possibility really is never-ending as there are no limitations on this piece. There were never any enforced and we chose to keep this piece freestanding in what it can do-- so we didn't place any specifications on this piece either. What you see is what you get. <br /><br />

This piece is sure to sell fast due to the nature of the beast. It is rather rare to find an unadulterated Egyptian power, but we have found it. Now we are passing it on to you. <br /><br />