Rub a dub dub; Orgy in the Tub!!
Rub a dub dub; Orgy in the Tub!!

Rub a dub dub; Orgy in the Tub!!

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Rub a dub dub, Orgy in the tub!<br /><br />

For my birthday I kept hinting that I would love a day at the spa. Things can be very hectic with all the energies of the spirits that roam throughout the office that sometimes my head feels like it is going to explode. <br /><br />

I am not picky, so any spa would do, I just wanted to get away and be able to relax. <br /><br />

We were called to do an investigation in West Virginia and so we packed everything up and were headed out, I was glad to get out of the office for a few days, but this trip fell on my birthday weekend, so I was bummed thinking I would be working on my birthday --- no big deal I guess.<br /><br />

Anyway, on the way down we made a stop in a small town. I thought we were there to stretch our legs and get something to eat, but long and behold, we were there because Deedee booked me a weekend at a spa! I was ecstatic. They dropped me off and then went on to do the investigation that was planned. <br /><br />

I went in and was welcomed for my grand birthday weekend. The spa had a Roman bath, massage sessions, steam rooms and therapeutic rejuvenation treatments. It was amazing.<br /><br />

I started out going into the Roman bath -- the water was the perfect temperature... my muscles were all relaxed and I started to dose off. I was sitting on corner seat that was built into the big walk in tub. <br /><br />

All of a sudden I felt as if someone was touching me --- I opened my eyes and no one was there. It was odd though ... as it was a definite grope that I felt. <br /><br />

I then decided I was done in the bath and went to get out -- an employee at the spa led me to a shower, where he told me to rinse off and then get totally undressed to prepare for my massage.<br /><br />

I went into the shower and just as I lost my bottoms I felt a warmth on my shoulders and legs. Something was going on, I was definitely not alone. It was dark in the shower stall, but then there was a flash of light and I could see 3 spirits there with me. They started coming closer and touching me all over. At first I was alarmed, but then I was excited!<br /><br />

This was like no other experience I have ever had --- it was extremely erotic, yet sensual. I was pleasured by these entities and touched and explored in all the right places!<br /><br />

I must have been in the shower for a long time as the worker put his head in and said it was time for my massage. He had to have seen me in a provocative state of ecstasy, but I didn't mind. The spirits vanished from my sight when we were interrupted and so I wrapped my towel around me and picked up my boxer briefs. Inside my underwear was this piece. The item came from out of nowhere.<br /><br />

Having worked with the paranormal now for years, I knew this was no accident that the piece appeared! The spirits were not done, and this was my access piece to them!<br /><br />

I went for my massage and held the piece in my hand --- the masseuse started and I immediately became aroused... all of a sudden it was as if I was being rubbed by many people. I knew the spirits were back, I didn't even have to open my eyes. <br /><br />

I was a bit embarrassed about being turned on, but thought it was probably typical and then near the end of my massage I perplexed into orgasm and released myself all over the massage table. <br /><br />

This was the most amazing birthday gift ever --- and that was only my first day! Lets just say that I had an astonishing weekend of ultimate climax!<br /><br />

When Steve and Deedee came back to pick me up they could tell I was completely refreshed and they said I had a glow about me; they thought I hooked up with someone at the spa... which in a way I guess I did --- but with no guilt.<br /><br />

I had this piece now for over 2 years and would bring it out time and time again, for fun in my relationship... but now with a new baby, there is no time to mess with the piece... so I am offering the best birthday gift that 'came' upon me to you!<br /><br />

You will revel in the ultimate relinquishment of passion and desire. This is a connectivity piece that will bring forth the entities to wrap your body with extreme pleasure! I have encountered 6 entities over the years, although only 3 would come forth at a time ~ incredible item to knock your socks, I mean underwear, off !<br /><br />