Sanguine Love Heart
Sanguine Love Heart

Sanguine Love Heart

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This piece is for all you vampire lovers! This is the proclaimed heart of Jade.<br /><br />

Jade was party animal who loved to live the night life every chance she could. It didn't matter if it was a Monday or a Friday... if there was a party going on, Jade was there.<br /><br />

At a young age, this can be fun, but as you get older and have responsibility it is hard to continue to live a life with little to no sleep.<br /><br />

Jade started to become like a walking zombie. Her life quickly became a whirlwind and she was  out of control!<br /><br />

She was up all night and could not sleep, even when she wanted too. She began to feel evasive in her energies and she looked awful. Most people thought she was on drugs.<br /><br />

Her family got concerned and committed her to a mental health hospital to help her get better.<br /><br />

While there she recalls countless encounters with a mysterious man who ravished her and generated life into her soul. The man was a kindred spirit who showcased himself as a loving being.<br /><br />

Jade got better extremely fast and when she was back in good health she could not stop thinking about the "man" that brought new life into her.<br /><br />

She had passionate dreams for months and they made her so happy that she turned a new leaf and got away from the party life. She was happy and spontaneous and even got promoted at work.<br /><br />

Then one night when she got home from work she found a heart pendant on her bed. It was very alluring and when she picked it up she had a sudden sensation of the pure happiness that she felt while recovering in the hospital.<br /><br />

She put it on a chain and wore it from that moment on. She discovered that this was a portal that took her into the realm of the Sanguine Vampires. Her love that adorned her side was a vampire who was drawn to her spirit as she withered in the night life.<br /><br />

Since she was not sleeping her soul was kindred in the auric energies that connected her with the vampires that roam the night.<br /><br />

Jade was later immortalized by her lover and this piece was left in our physical realm.<br /><br />

Her sister contacted Deedee and showcased the struggle of her sisters path and how she had now crossed over to a vampire.<br /><br />

You can now sanction the power of the vampires and relinquish your desires in their realm. This will connect you and protect you as you travel and learn.<br /><br />

This is a rare chance to have a piece that was construed by a Sanguine Master~!<br /><br />

This will all you to protect yourself and have the ability to remain completely still, expressionless and silent.<br /><br />

You also will be able to control the minds of humans through glamour hypnosis and will learn to astrally fly~<br /><br />