Geomantic Witch

Geomantic Witch

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An Original Geomantic Witch<br /><br />

This piece comes from an estate sale that I was at with Deedee not to long ago. The estate itself was in a terrible state of disrepair. With that being said, the house was very, very old. The person who was hosting the estate sale released information that dated the house back to the 1700s. The house was also for sale, but we didn't have need nor desire for the house. We did, however, draw several connections with the pieces that were up for sale. The only piece that ever came to fruition, unfortunately, is the item that I am offering you right now.<br /><br />

This is actually a piece that Deedee picked up at the sale. I actually think she won it in a bidding of some sort. Everyone knows that Deedee will not be outbid. Deedee likes the antiquity of the piece, but it wasn't until later, when we stopped to lodge a nearby motel that the power in the piece began to become evident.<br /><br />

As I lie sleeping, I dreamt weird things. This is not uncommon for me, as as I dream weird things quite frequently. Most of the stuff I dream comes true, some of it does not, but all of it is weird. Tonight, though as a dream, it was different. I dreamt of the universe and the stars... I dreamt of the planets and the Earth. I understood how everything works in harmony. Shapes took form in the front of my mind, all with secret meanings that, without the item in question, I cannot recall.<br /><br />

I dreamt this way all night and when I woke up in the morning, I felt a specific connection with the piece that I mentioned. As time progressed, and we got home to the office, I was eager to examine the new piece. As I did, I was able to manifest the power found in this piece from the state sale.<br /><br />

After forming a bond with the piece, I found myself immediately in the presence of a woman, who wasn't human, but also wasn't the typical spirit form that I am used to conjuring. With that being said, I'll just go ahead and say that the manifested being is a raw form, powerful witch. She is a Geomantic Witch and she comes from 18th Cenutry Germany.<br /><br />

She manifested herself to me, giving me the powers involved in Geomancy, which allowed me to summon and and access all of the natural elements and alchemy that exists in the powers of the Earth.  She also gave me the ability to enter the natural Hall of Records that is held in the core of Earth, which records itself and filled with the spirits of the ancients.  This Hall of Records is only accessible via Geomantic powers, through a portal that opens by reading the signs found in nature.  It gives  you the ability to known the past, interpret the present, and see the future.  <br /><br />

This piece is a pretty powerful piece.  Again, it’s from a witch from the 18th Century, who has obtained immortality and was able to run from witch hunters in doing so.  She will also give you an enlightenment that will allow you perform her variation of white magic that involved charms and spells and divination involving those things that naturally occurr in nature.  
<br /><br />
This is a chance that you will not want to pass up.  They say you never know what you have till it’s goine.  Don’t let this one go!! 


The amulets on this bracelets will manifest the powers of the witch to you.  The grapes represent the fruits of power and knowledge that can be found on the earth.  This piece is very, very powerful!!