The White Empress

The White Empress

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The White Empress<br /><br />


I have this friend. His name is Chance. He's what most people would call a modern-day witch. He identifies as a practitioner of Wicca beliefs. I know other Wicca people and, believe me, he runs deeper than what the other people do. That's why I call him a witch.<br /><br />

His wife, Michelle, runs even deeper than he does. She is a direct bloodline descendent of Aleister Crowley, one of the most powerful and energized humans to ever live. While she doesn't use the power that has been naturally fused into her genetic chemistry for evil, the fact that she is a direct descendent of such a powerful mortal has to count for something.<br /><br />

Anyway, the whole point in me even bringing this up is because they gave me this piece last year during their celebration of the Winter Solstice. Winter Solstice is when the Earth's polar axis is furthest away from the star it orbits. In our case that would be the same day.<br /><br />

The significance of the Winter Solstice is that it is the one day a year when the realms are opened and the human mind can obtain the divination necessary to be completely rejuvenated and renewed. This spiritual uplifting is possible for all humanity who have a deeper spiritual understanding of the Earth and their surroundings. Unfortunately, this jackpot of energy and power, most of the time, goes by undaunted by humans in any way shape or form.<br /><br />

In today's society, spirituality and the practices that go along with it are considered as fairy tales. If the human can't see it, then it doesn't exist. Well, if the humans hadn't fallen out of touch with their spirituality in the first place, their spirituality would not have been compromised and we would be a more complete part of the whole of our universe. <br /><br />

As I was saying, my friend Chance and his Wife gave me this piece last year. On the Winter Solstice, this piece will activate the full capacity of the mind. It will allow you to see through your third eye for 24 hours to obtain the spiritual rebirth that is the Winter Solstice.<br /><br />

Once you obtain this rebirth, you will be in full tune with your spiritual self, meaning that your third eye will be open anyhow. It is very important that you meditate with this piece the eve before the Winter Solstice. It obtains a part of the spirit of the White Empress, which according to Michelle, is a goddess that has long been in charge of opening the portal on the Winter Solstice for this rebirth to happen. It's why the trees and flowers die and begin to bloom again in the Spring.<br /><br />

This will give you the magic of the White Empress and when you bond with her she will grant you the powers necessary for you to be spiritually enlightened on her day. These powers will bring you psychic ability, white magic ability, the ability of conjuring all spirits, the ability to see events of the future, the ability to be at one with your own inner being and within the universe, and the ability to call upon the ancients, who were much more spiritually savvy than we'll ever be, for guidance.<br /><br />

This is a handy little piece to have on the Winter Solstice that will invite the spirits of the day into you and transform you into a whole new being. This is available for you before the Winter Solstice arrives so that way you can take full advantage of it this year!! This piece is power packed and ready to go!<br /><br />