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HermaVampiLicious<br /><br />

This is a sex piece that even kind of caught me off guard, because it’s the first time that I’ve ever experienced anything like this before.  The piece comes from a paranormal society that only deals with sex issues.  It was the original piece of an owner who got so far deep into the magic that he became and addict.  He later checked himself into a paranormal sex rehab, where he was counseled by Dr. Drew.   Dr. Drew won’t admit to it, because he says that it is all just a bunch of hocus-pocus (in so many words), but he was there and he knows it!!<br /><br /> 

Anyway, this piece used to belong to a man named Blake.  Blake was kind of reject, to put it nicely.  Nobody really like him.  He grew up in a family of 8, with a single mother and ended up helping to raise 5 of his younger siblings.  He had it pretty tough, too considering his entire family lived in a three bedroom trailer outside of Austin.  <br /><br />

Blake always had a problem with acceptance, because he never really “fit in” so to speak.  As a freshman in high school he met a young girl who influenced him in the ways of magic and spiritual divination.  Her name was Anna.  Blake loved Anna, but Anna had her own problems.  Being raped at a very young age, Anna turned into a nymphomaniac of sorts.  Her and Blake had some of the incredible sex ever, but that’s where it always ended.  Anna didn’t have much love to offer anyone.  Blake just needed a friend and Anna was his only source of comfort amid a life jam-packed with struggles.   <br /><br />

One day Anna decided to have Blake help her conjure a sex being from another realm.  Saddened, because he knew that would be the end of his and Anna’s closeness-- she’d no longer need him is she had the sex being-- he helped.  He would do anything to make Anna happy.  In a long drawn out ritual, Anna did eventually get what she wanted; however there was a bit of a twist.  Since the procedure was botched due to Blake’s broke heart, the being that they brought through was a hermaphrodite sex vampire. <br /><br />

Instead of weakening the bond between Blake and Anna, it strengthened it.  Two sex parts is better than one.  There have been many orgies since the conjuring of creature that I call the hermavamp.  The hermavamp added spice into Anna’s life that she needed and craved.  It provided camaraderie and friendship that Blake needed.  It was the best sex that either one of them had ever had, each wanting the sex for a different reason.  The sex vampire even conjure up other spirits to add variety to the sex patterns.  <br /><br />

Unfortunately, Anna was a troubled child and committed suicide.  Blake turned to the hermavamp for security, often times locking himself in his room for days, while he wound the core of his existence around sexual encounters with the hermavamp.  In in exclusive relationship, the hermavamp was able to entrust Blake his source of magic and powers from the realms beyond human existence.  Blake used the sex and magic to burrow himself into a fantasy that made him escape his reality deeper and deeper each day.  Too far gone, he tried to turn back, but he couldn't.  He was detected by the group that provided this piece to me.  They caught his spiritual distress while on an investigation nearby.  <br /><br />

They are currently helping him, but is no longer allowed to use this piece.  With that being said, one person's sorrow, is another person's joy.  I am now offering you this piece to you.  The Hermavamp will come to you, bringing you whatever kind of sex you desire.  It can even conjure other sex beings and spirits to complete any quirky fantasy or craving you have.  Additionally, he will give you the opportunity to manifest vampire powers to yourself and even initiate a intertransformable process of becoming half-mortal and half-vampire.  Along with this, you will receive his powers that come from the outer limits of outer space.  <br /><br />

This sex vampire is a special breed, but none the less fulfilling.  I have had my own experience with this piece and I can personally say that I love this piece.  It is satisfying and leaves you wanting more.  We have cast a spell into that will not allow for future addiction.  <br /><br />