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Often in order to see an aura you need special equipment or a photograph made to take an aura image. This is a little like that except that you WILL see the spirits and the energy they produce. You will be surprised how many are around your home and linger all over the place.

These are more then a 100 years old and rare. You will never find these pieces again. They are made only to pick up spirits. These belonged to Edison's son Theodore and we got them off of him shortly before his death in 92.

Edison was an Atheist yet was always seeking to find the other side and did locate an unusual energy that he called the Etheric Force,this is how these were made.

We have been using them and testing them but to be honest there is no test. You hold them up and look through them and you see them. One of the most unusual things is that I saw him and he looked like quite a grouch too! But he was interested in explaining to me many way to see the spirit world as the same way we see living people now. We had a great conversation on music and hoe it effects both humans and alien life forms. In his time he was able to see them as well but never mentioned it.

We are very lucky to have these and now you too can own a piece of functioning history.

You will get one and I only have 4 for sale.