The Siri Conspiracy

The Siri Conspiracy

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The Siri Conspiracy <br /><br />

The Catholic Church has long been accused of secrecy and covert operations. With that being said, maybe the Catholic Church isn't entirely to blame for everything that has been going on. In fact, the Catholics have more Jewish influence that what a normal person would assume... and it isn't a friendly influence, either. <br /><br />

The truth is that there is a top-secret Jewish Masonic Society whose sole purpose is the demise of the Catholic religion. The reason behind their actions is simple: the Catholic church holds powers from God that are unique to the Catholic religion, because of the nature of their origins-- they are afforded through the blood of his only begotten, mortal son. <br /><br />

Now, if you are familiar with the Jewish religion, you know that they do not venerate Jesus as the Messiah of God's chosen people. For whatever reason, probably the influence of Satan in a high authority, the Jews just never jumped on the messiah band wagon. The direct result of this was the passing of power from the group or ranking Jews to a group of gentile Jews who accepted Jesus as the coming of the Messiah. Obviously, these new-era Jews came to be known as Christians. <br /><br />

The spite and jealousy ran rampant in Judaic religion. Eventually, a covert society was established, whose main objective was the demise and ruin of the Christian religion. By now I'm sure your wondering where the relevance is in all of this. <br /><br />

Fast forward nearly two thousand years and this covert society has finally been able to infiltrate the ranks of the Catholic Church. In fact, there are some people that claim that the papacy has been held by numerous Jewish officials, all of whom are from high ranking offices in the Jewish secret society. I cannot substantiate or deny any of these claims. The claim that I can substantiate is the one for which I hold an item. <br /><br />

In 1958 at the conclave of cardinals, white smoke billowed from the Vatican's chimney, signaling the election of a new Pope. His name was Giuseppe Siri, an archconservative from Genoa. The Catholic Church renounced this, saying that there had been a mistake in the fire pit. This was simply because Siri had been unseated by the nefarious machination of liberal Cardinals, who replaced Siri with a man whose name was Angelo Roncalli, better known as Pope John XXIII. In 1963, when the papacy again fell empty, Siri was again ousted by the dark influence within the Vatican. <br /><br />

Siri was sworn to secrecy, threatened by a nuclear attack on the Vatican, and was exiled to a Roman monastery. Here he spent that last of his days. When the time came, he gave the following clues, stating that he was, “bound by the secrets... I can say nothing.” And so the dynasty of false Popes was established. <br /><br />

Now, whether or not these Popes are of Jewish decent I do not know. I can tell you, though, that these newly appointed Popes are not nearly as powerful as the bloodline that God had appointed. I can tell you this because the Judaic Secret Society has obviously taken its toll-- look at all the child abuse allegations against the Roman Catholic Church. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as there have been a lot of other things going on behind the scenes that I do not have the authority to disclose at this time. <br /><br />

What I will tell you is that I know how powerful Siri was. He told a Vietnamese Priest that he was the rightful Pope the year before he died in 1988. There have been no other words regarding the fact before or since these words were uttered. I have the item that will tell you the truth. <br /><br />

The item is an original possession of Cardinal Siri. It will give you a first hand account of the twelve disciples spiritual existence and how they influence the Papacy to this day. The only reason the covert group of Jews has been able to influence the Catholic Church in the first place is to fulfill the prophecy of the False Prophet. Thus, this piece will give you spiritual divination that will allow you to know all the secrets as recorded by the Apostle John of Patmos in the Book of Revelations while he was under the influence of the Holy Spirit. <br /><br />

This will give you the extreme holy power that used to be associated with the Papacy, and is only limited in its current variation. You will receive this power with out any interference or deterrence. You will receive a spiritual Crown of Thorns that will give you the powers that had once belonged to Jesus, who passed this gift to his closest apostle was Simon Peter, the first Pope. <br /><br />