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Empire of Death; Guardian Vampire<br /><br />

It is the place where the people who were murdered during the French Revolution were laid to rest. In 1871 Communards of the Franco-Prussian War lied in waiting here to slaughter Monarchs who were threatening their ways. It was even used during WWII by the French Resistance for the elaborate escape routes its caverns offer. It was also used by the Germans, who established an underground bunker there. If you haven't guessed by now, I'm talking about the Parisian Catacombs.<br /><br />

Officially known as l'Ossuaire Municipal, the Parisian Catacombs are an underground ossuary in Paris France. It was built in 1786 to accommodate the overgrowing cemeteries that existed in France. It took two years to transfer all of the remains of the deceased Parisians, who were be transferred here from their above ground tombs. The transference was a grand affair complete with black-covered, bone-laden, horse-drawn wagons.<br /><br />

The bones of the deceased were then taken to a place just south of the Baniere d'Enfer, or the Paris city gate. They were taken by workers down into pits that were renovated from an old stone mine that used to exist in Paris. The catacombs were consecrated by chanting monks on what has become known as the “Eve of Consecration.” It currently holds the remains of 6 million people and has been open to the public since 1876, which is 90 years after its opening.<br /><br />

A local building, dubbed La Maison de la Tombe Issoire (La Maison for short) stores artifacts – crosses, urns, and other necropolis memorabilia-- and have remained there since the beginning of the transference of the remains of those buried in Parisian cemeteries. This is where the piece that I am offering you comes from.<br /><br />

The catacombs were turned into a world-class spectacle when it was reconstructed with walls that are comprised of skulls and femur bones of those who had once occupied the city limits of Paris. The elaborate infrastructure of the catacombs needed to be guarded. Some say that there are members of a legendary underground police fraternity. Some say that the catacombs are guarded by the spirits of the dead; however, this piece will attest to you that neither are the true story.<br /><br />

We had a chance to visit l'Ossuaire Municipal after hours via a special connection that we had within the French division that oversees the maintenance of cemeteries. We entered the catacombs, by candle light to remain as inconspicuous as possible. The groundskeeper led us through the western pavilion of the Barriere d'Enfer city gate. We descended a narrow, spiral staircase that was crafted out of stone and stretched on for about 60 feet.<br /><br />

We wandered through a twisting corridor of mortared stone for about a mile, before we found ourselves staring face-to-face with a sculpture of France's Port-Mahon fortress, which has been there even before the mines were renovated into a catacombs for the deceased. A little bit further down the corridor is where we encountered a large stone portal, which is the entrance to the catacombs. Above the portal is the inscription, "Arrete, c'est ici l'empire de la Mort," which means, "Stop, this is the empire of Death!"<br /><br />

As we entered the catacombs, psychic energy radiated and we were able to pick up spirits that told stories of the French Revolution, of both World Wars... even some from as far back as Renaissance period witch hunts and people who had been killed in the name of the Spanish Inquisition. This was not our grand prize, however. Our grand prize comes in the form of the piece that we obtained from La Maison earlier in our investigation.<br /><br />

As we wandered deeper and deeper into the catacombs, I felt m leg suddenly begin to heat up. It a matter of a few seconds it turned into a scorch. I quickly yanked the piece from my pocket and threw it on the ground. A cloud of dust subdued our vision and when we were able to see again, we encountered a full form guardian vampire.<br /><br />

The Guardian Vampire is not threatening to humans, unless they enter into his jurisdiction; however, Dee Dee was able to quickly communicate to him that we weren't here to seek any harm. Then, he shared with us his story. In the 90 years before the cemetery was not open to the public, the French government, in an act of secrecy, cast a legion of guardian vampires into the catacombs to protect it from intrusion. The reason why is simple. The Frenchman who oversaw the renovation of the mine knew that with all the spirits being relocated in the new mass grave, there was going to be a spiritual disturbance quite capable of opening the portal to the underworld. The purpose of the Guardian Vampires is to keep foreign spirits and mortal vandals out and to keep the spirits that have been moved to the catacombs in.<br /><br />

In a long drawn out process we were able to condition the guardian vampire, so that way he was able to leave the catacombs. There are more and one won't be terribly missed. The vampire, whose name is Jacques, agreed to the ritual. He is now available via Haunted Curiosities. He will bring you all of the powers that centuries of an underground catacombs has to offer. He will walk with you, giving you all of his timeless knowledge and powers. He will transform you, if you desire, into a being of his archetype. The magic that he offers is a dual type of power, because of the nature of his duties.<br /><br />

Jacques will also bring you the consecration of the monks who consecrated the catacombs. This will make every day the “Eve of Consecration.” It will bring forth a multitude of spiritual abilities and strengthen and fortify your spiritual existence. You will be capable of many magics as a result of this, including the ones that you will be able to absorb from the 6 million occupants of the Parisian Catacombs, the magic that Jacques will bring you, and all the other magics you will happen upon with Jacques as your Guardian Vampire.<br /><br />

This piece is very powerful, and in order to make it work you must give the piece enough time to bond with you. When it has, Jacques will open up to you, giving you the things that have been laid out above. He will also serve as a companion and Guardian. This will be a very enlightening experience for you.<br /><br />