Generative Genie Collection --  House-Hold Genie

Generative Genie Collection -- House-Hold Genie

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Generative Genie Collection --  House-Hold Genie

Have you been looking for relief from the stress and strain of your household responsibilities?
If you require a genie that can aid you in various matters, then this item is  for you~!
This item holds a genie named Mance, who works through divine commandment--the Supreme Being assigns tasks to Mance, and he will help take care of your needs, and help fix any problems you may be facing! 
The genie, Mance,  is especially skillful in matters that a householder would encounter--finances, domestic issues, environmental problems, protection of the home, etc. 
He is an invisible companion and can follow you everywhere you go if he has no task to perform!  You may feel his presence often through signs and sensations.
If you are clairvoyant you may even see him before you--direct conversation with Mance is then possible. 
Our lives can get very hectic, and the process of developing a routine in which becomes changed can throw off our lives balance -- let Mance help you out!