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Okay, so by now you are all already aware of the fact that we receive some of the most original pieces to have ever existed.  I've grown accustom to dealing with these things and even the most unique of items doesn't really shock me anymore.  Although, I have to say when we first got this piece in, I was a little bit taken aback by the powers that are held in this piece.  Now, don't get me wrong--  this piece is a VERY, VERY powerful piece.  However, how it got its power even has me scratching my head.  It is very original though, so read on!  

Let me just begin by explaining a ritual that was used since times of old in ancient Icelandic witchcraft.  It was called nabrok, which translates to necropants in modern English.  What this refers to is a cyclic magic that was done using the ancient witchcraft of the Icelandic tribes.  It was devised by the ancient witches and wizards.  It was passed down along the bloodline in the form of runes and the practice ran rampant in times of old.  The magic that I'm talking about it a process by which making pants out of a dead man's pants, whereby the wealth energy of his body would passed onto the new, living form.  

The process began by getting permission from the living person to use their skin upon their death.  Then, when they passed a person would take the corpse.  They would skin the corpse from the waist down being careful to do it in one whole piece.  If for some reason they could not accomplish the feat, the spell would go horribly awry and curse them rather than help them.  After the body was skinned, the person who was going to use the necropants was to fill each of the man's testicles with an offering to the gods.  In one side of the empty scrotum was to be placed a gold coin.  In the other cavity the pants wearer was to place an ancient magic rune for wealth called the nabrokarstafur.  The combination of the two would act as an offering to the gods and the scrotum of the necropants would magically replenish with gold coins, upon taking the other one out.  The scrotum of the corpse would never go without gold coins replenishing the previous supply of coins.  Thus, a person who owned a pair of necropants could build up as much wealth as he or she could desired.  

However, as time has progressed this process has become more and more frowned on by society and rendered illegal.  I mean, I guess the officials don't want people going around digging up corpses.  I don't know, either way the process is kind of long and involved anyhow-- that doesn't mean that this process isn't still in practice until this very day.  In fact, there are a group of individuals who are a break off sect of ancient necromancy witches and wizards.  They have formed a secret society that has embraced and embellished the powers that are in this ancient spell process of making necropants.  They haven't taken to the woods or uninhabited places at all.  They look just like normal people would, except in the confines of their own homes they partake in this magic, wearing their necropants to bring them wealth.  

Not everyone wants to walk around in necropants.  I get that.  This is why I have collaborated with a wizard from Sweden who is part of the secret society that still embraces the power of necropants who call themselves the Necropantsians.  His particular name is Sven and he was able to help me channel the exact powers of an original pair of necropants.  This piece was shoved inside of one of the cavities opposite of the nabrokarstafur wealth rune.  Thus, instead of the coin gaining the powers of wealth, this piece was given the powers instead.  However, it doesn't replenish just gold coins for you.  This piece is designed to worn.  After all it is a pin.  When you wear this piece, the powers will merge with your own physiological energy.  The wealth powers of the necropants will begin to manifest in your own life in many different forms.  

I gave this piece to one of our staff to try out... he played the lottery that same day.  He played his normal-- fifty cents on triple fives.  Instead of losing like he normally does he won a total purse of over $2,000.  This is just a mere testament of the raw wealth powers that this piece will provide for you!  If you are in a bind or some type of financial situation, this is your fix!
NOTE* We do have some of the golds coins that we get from this magic. It is how I get all my coins and I never know which ones I will get. If you want one of those the price is much different so please ask.