Project Pegasus Tesla Time Traveller

Project Pegasus Tesla Time Traveller

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If you're like me, you probably read books, look at pictures, or watch television and think to yourself, "Damn, I really wish I could be there."  Maybe you've made some wrong decision in your life and you need to go back a correct it.  Or maybe you are just interested in travelling to faraway times and places-- including the same places during a different spot in time.  Maybe you are seeking out powers and want to visit those points in time and space where you can acquire these powers.  Whatever the case may be, this is the piece for you.  I call it the Tesla Time Traveller.  

We made this piece in conjunction with a person who was as secret agent that was working in cooperation with the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, called DARPA for short.  It is a cover operation of the United States Military, aligned with investigations into the paranormal and unexplained.  For years now, they have been undergoing a project that they call Project Pegasus.  You may have heard this terminology used before in some of our investigations or our radio shows.  That's because the projects findings were so powerful that the results of the collected data and the powers and abilities that have been uncovered are just so powerful, they keep resurfacing.  

The person we were working with is now well into their 30's, but during the beginning of her teenage years she was forced to be the drone of the United States Government, being told what she was going to do and how she was going to do.  The government programmed her brain to work with a teleportation device that they had been working on for years based on findings in Nikola Tesla's Manhattan apartment.  These writing were found written in a shimmering, foreign type of ink is a system of strange text that looked more like advanced, technological glyphs than anything. 

The secrets of Tesla's findings were eventually figured out and, of course, exploited by the United States Government, who thinks they own everything. The most famous of these accounts was made by a man Andrew Basiago.  Basiago, who claims he was victimized by the government from the age of 7 until he It's was 12, tells accounts of travelling back to the Ford Theatre where he watched President Lincoln's assassination.  He even claims to have been photographed with the former president.  In fact, he was sent back to the past so many times that he eventually encountered his own self interacting there-- kind of in the past, kind of in the future.  It's complicated, but his accounts lead to the conclusion that the government was sending their subjects to slightly different alternate realities on adjacent timelines to find out as many secrets about the past as they possibly could.  

The Tesla Technology is, like always, being hoarded by the US government.  It is currently, secretly being used by the Department of Defense to communicate with other worlds and other beings from hyperpsace, other times, other worlds, other planes, etc.  They know that should this power fall into the hands of the wrong people, it bring a complete collapse to their secure ways of power and commandeering ways.  This is why the project has remained covert.  

However, the item that we have here is the item that was given to just one of their many subjects that they ordered to partake in this project.  She snuck away from the government and surrendered her item to us, because she no longer wanted it.  Don't worry, there is absolutely no way the government can track this piece.  There isn't even a way the government can track her-- we put a protection spell on her.  This items is one of the original that was made for Project Pegasus.  It house the type of energy that is latent and pervasive and has, among other properties, the keen ability to bend time-space.  It contains the radiant energy that was recorded-- in secret-- and given to Nikola Tesla by whomever (or whatever, because honestly I do NOT know).  It will allow you bend time-space to travel anywhere to any point along the time-space continuum.  

I know we have other pieces like this, but what makes this piece so special is because it is Nikola Tesla's actual powers and actual energy.  Using this piece, the details of your travels will be very vivid, very real, and you will actually be able to exist in your time-space point of existence, rather than be a fly-on-the-wall.  You will be able to walk, talk, act, and interact within the surroundings of wherever you choose to travel to with this piece, rather than just see or watch.  It is a very powerful experience, for sure! 

NOTE* This piece is not silver or gold as they were made in a way that if they got lost no one would really want them. This is a metal band with a stone in the top made to look like nothing but cheap decoration. Also if you wanted to learn more about this project you could chekx out Jesse Ventura's show on time travel. The one guy I believe is on the show with the evidence. Good Luck and this is a piece you will not only learn from but fully enjoy and become enlightened,and oh boy will you!