Sarah the Builder-- Relinquishment of Realities
Sarah the Builder-- Relinquishment of Realities

Sarah the Builder-- Relinquishment of Realities

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There are no real complexities to existence. Neither are there rules. What I mean, is there are answers to the secrets of existence. There are also reasons for existence. However, there aren't really any rules to existence. Once you break the physical chains that this mortal vessel imposes upon your being, there are no rules to how or where or when or with whom or in what form you can exist. This is because buried deep within all of us is a basic souls structure.

Your soul structure is the form from which you were created. You were given a mortal encasement and sent to Earth to fill out your mortal duties and obligations. Those who can realize this while still in mortal form, cope with it, and are able to assess these powers for what they are worth, are a rare breed. However, if you can overcome your mortal obstacles, the powers and relinquishment from mortal imprisonment are the best form of mortal existence you will have ever known. Again, this is rare accomplishment. Such is the case with poor Sarah Winchester.

Sarah Winchester was the widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester. She is known as Sarah the Builder because of her Queen Anne Style Victorian Mansion that was under construction 24/7 without relinquishment. Building proceeded around the clock from 1884 when she acquired the property until 1922 when when she died and the work immediately ceases, however, the building never stopped. It was overtaken by Sarah's soul in death, haunted by the former heiress, and has undergone construction ever since. The current owners will attest to weird additions being discovered until this day, without a legitimate explanation. Try the following on for size.

After acquiring one of only three copies of Mrs. Winchester's diaries, it is clear to me what was going on. During life, her mortal self was given a higher intelligence, to the point where her brain wanted to break out of its mortal prison, but couldn't quite get to the point where she was able to shed her human body to experience full free-form existence. So-- she instructed her builders to build exactly what she saw in her head-- planes of existence that she could see in her mind but couldn't quite astrally finish. Each room had a specific theme hidden in the décor and holds a specific power that maybe some have been able to conjure-- maybe not. This is not what I'm here to offer you.

Her builders kept building, recreating what Sarah the Builder couldn't explain to any other “normal” person other than herself and her psychic, who encouraged her to keep building, to replicate the realms she saw in her mind. After all, like I told you above, there is no set form to existence other than what your own mind makes its. Thus, she kept trying to replicate the different forms of existence and realms she saw in her mind in the form of a mortal mansion. 

I was able to use the energies of Sarah Winchester's diary to conjure her. During our experience with her we encountered Sarah in her true form and discovered that she has never quit building. Naturally, upn death she has shed her mortal form and has finally overcome her mortal objections she had to her true soul form. Since this metamorphosis, she has taken up building a vast network of realities and plains of existence-- each of which hold a secret meaning and secret, just like her Winchester Mansion in San Jose California.

During out conjuring of Sarah Winchester, she divined a piece for us. Although, she didn't really say why and we never did ask for it, I have a hunch that she divined this piece for those who are going through the same mortal difficulties that she struggled with during her lifetime. This piece is a creation piece. Well, it's a multi-faceted piece actually. First and foremost it holds particles of Sarah's own soul. Thus, you will be given the ability to travel through her vast network or realms and realities but duplicating them within your own mind. To replicate these realities you will merely have to meditate with this piece to summon the full presence of Sarah Winchester using her soul particle that is in this piece.

Secondly, like I said this piece is a creation piece. Like Sarah, you will be able to use this piece to leave reality through the confines of your own mind. It will open up your third eye and give you full astral travels that you will experience through your own mind with the help of meditation. Just like the powers of each pyramid exist in the capstone, so does our own pure soul form exist within our own mind through the awakening of the third eye.

This piece will awaken your third eye and allow you to leave reality through it. You will then be able to build like Sarah. Feel free to build and create-- create your own forms of existence, realms, realities, etc. You can exist in any form you choose to in these realities because they are your realities. They come form your mind and are transmitted to the astral realms through your third eye. Thus, you if you can think it, you can create it, you can be it, you can exist as it, you can experience. With this piece, existence is literally decided by a power held in your own fingertips!!