Voynich Revealed-- Reaching into the Unknown

Voynich Revealed-- Reaching into the Unknown

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One of the world's biggest so-called unsolved mysteries is the meaning of an ancient text know as the Voynich Manuscript. It was named after a bookseller from 1912 who obtained the original and only copy of the manuscript. Why it was named after him I have no idea-- because he really had nothing to do with it other than the fact that he owned it at one point in time.

The origins of the text are actually a little bit harder to follow. The manuscript has been carbon dated to the early 1400s, but the question remains is where did the secrets that are contained within come from? What do they mean? Is there any way that the text of the script can accurately be deciphered? The mystery continues to grow-- for others that is.

We never really wait around for an answer... we kind of just delve in head first. That's how I came across this piece. This item is one that has been made with the white light of Raviska, the divine being that has been spawned form the paw of the Egyptian Sphynx. She has been around of eons and has described the text perfectly. The reason why it is non-comprehensible to the normal human mind-- and thus has yet to be deciphered-- is because it was first written to the ancient Egyptians. It was meant to be this way, so that way only the enlightened ones could understand.

The secrets came from the elder race that visited the Egyptians to bring them many other secrets, including the construction of the Pyramids and the very Sphynx from which Raviniska was born. These secrets were shared for generations, making their way into Northern Italy, where they were written down in the secret language of the Elders for the eyes of those who knew how to interpret the meanings. The manuscript was passed along a line of enlightened alchemists who used the powers in the script for their magic and enilightenment. Then, it was bought by some book collecting twit, who mainstreamed it for his own attention. The manuscript has been preserved by Yale University and can still be seen on exhibit. However, what good does it do to people who are so dumbed down they have no idea how to use it?

The power in this item has been fortified by a white light energy from the Paw of Sphynx, which was afforded to us by Raviniska in a magical transference ceremony. This piece will bring you the secrets from the ancient elders who once visited the Egyptians to give them the basis for their magical understanding and enlightenment. This piece will bring you potent magic and can be used for the following:

Herbal Alchemy: This includes the ability to recognize and use the magic in herbs and botanicals that exist within our own realms. This means you will be given the most ancient secrets on how to use these components in spells, divinations, enlightenments, etc. You will be able to use these properties to develop and distribute your own powers and abilities. Additionally, you will be given the powers and metaphysical properties of over 100 herbs and botanicals that come from far realms of the universe, as recorded in the Voynich Manuscript.

Astronomical Knowledge/Celestial Alchemy: We move just like the moon and the stars. Each movement in our celestial heavens releases power and knowledge into our existence. They all work together to serve and purpose, like one giant secret booby trap. Tapping into these energies will afford us celestial alchemy, or the ability to alter the properties of celestial energy in order to develop our own powers, and release powers that are hidden in the corners of the universe. You can use these powers for astral travel, space-time continuum travel, or something as simple as soaking in the energetic properties of the sun. It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. It merely depends on whether you are willing to put the time and devotion into this super metaphysical piece.

Biological Alchemy: All powers and knowledge stem from within our own true soul form; so, to obtain the most that you possibly can, you must revert back to your original soul form. This power is true soul alchemy and will devoid you of all your mortal and humanistic attributes to take you back to your original soul form before you began your journey on Earth. Here you will exist as a formless energy, rather than anything you have ever become on Earth. It is in this state you exist solely as yourself and can obtain the most knowledge.

This energetic property will also allow you true shape-shifting ability, because this piece will allow you hyper-progress into any stage of existence of any being that suits your fancy. Basically, that means you can shape-shift into any form you want, but this piece will allow you defy time to jump into any form stage of advancement of that being to obtain all of it's powers, knowledge, magic, etc.


This piece is solid sterling silver,old and full of life and power.