Sanctus Germanus Elixir of Life

Sanctus Germanus Elixir of Life

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Sanctus Germanus Elixir of Life

If there is one person around whose life controversy swirls, it is no doubt the Comte du Saint Germain. In English this is the Count of Saint Germain, or more commonly just Count Saint Germain. You see, nobody seems to know for sure when the Count was born. For lack of a better understanding, we will simply say that this is because his whole existence is shrouded in mystery. Although he best known for his mysterious existence in the 1700s, the Count has been around for centuries, learning the tricks of the magical trade, going through his life cycles, all the while progressing his existence as one of the Ascended Masters.

For all intents and purposes let's just say that he was born some time in 1707. His death-- this time-- was in 1784. The only thing that was really concretely known about the Count is the son of Prince Francis II Rakoczi of Transylvania-- for whatever that's worth. To those who channel him, again, he is considered one of the Ascended Masters.

The Ascended Masters are a group of souls who dwell in a particular realm of existence who are allowed to return from time to time as teachers to share the true meanings of existence with mere humans. Other Ascended Masters include, but are not limited to Jesus, Gandhi, Muhammad, Moses, and Abraham. There are others as well, but basically these are the ones who have been given the special life driving force that allows them to break free of the cycle of life and death to re-incarnate themselves as something greater than their previous existence. Thus, after the 7th Cycle they have achieved maximum ascension and have become an Ascended Master, living above all prototypes of existence possible. They are omniscient, all-powerful beings who hold dual existence in the realm of the souls of the Ascended Masters as well as our mortal realm.

The soul who became the Count Saint Germain was brought back into existence with the assistance of a medium witch who practiced soul alchemy. Despite what history books say, she actually lived to be over 300 years old because she was into occult white magic. She now exists in spirit form, hoping to work her way up to her Seventh Cycle to become an Ascended Master and her name was/is, Helen Blavatsky.

According to Helen, our Count is the most popular Ascended Master to exist and he taught her well. While alive, the Count was reputed for his magical ability and deep affinity for and ability with dabbling in sorcery and alchemy of sorts.

His practice flourished in France among the occult aristocracy, who also revered him as one of the most powerful in the land. He has mastered the arts of all magic and is adept who knows the ancient wisdoms of the rites of Freemasons, Rosicrucianism, the Knights Templar, and the Illuminati. He is the epitome of magic, as there is no aspect of magic he doesn't know and no type of magic he cannot create. He is known to some as the Master of Ancient Wisdom and is credited for having attained near god-like powers, being called Sanctus Germanus or “Holy Brother.”

This piece has been passed down along the Rosicrucian bloodline for some time. It is known as the Elixir of Life, as this is considered to be the very essence of the magic, alchemy and sorcery the Count practice. This piece is a very coveted possession and whoever owns it, own the rights to the magic of the Count Saint Germain. It will open up his Hologram of Consciousness of Reality allowing you to ascend like the Ascended Masters, to leave your body. It will revert you back to the beginning where you will be taught by the Ascended Masters in the Realm of Souls. You will be give the ancient key that will open the doors to secrets of magic, alchemy, and sorcery. You will be given knowledge of everything light-- including the Egyptian Root Magic of the Illuminati.

Within this hologram, the Count plays the roles of all the pantheons of gods, having a divine presence in all of the Ascended Masters while still comprising himself in all totality. This means, he is the very essence of the life cycle because he has become the most Ascend of the Masters. He holds all divine knowledge magic of all prophets and notable magicians, which include the ranks of Thoth, Hermes, Merlin, Tehuti (High Priest of Atlantis), Jesus Christ, and many more.

This piece brings you all the combined powers, knowledge and magic of Saint Germain as described throughout this excerpt including sacred soul alchemy, physical alchemy, sorcery, Egyptian Root Magic, etc. It will also give you the ability of Ascended Telepathy and Telekinesis as well as the ability of teleportation along the divine channel-- the life cycles of the Ascended Masters. This piece is seriously, incredible white magic at its epitome. It is a must have for anybody who has ever wondered about, dabbled in, or practiced magic. Period. It doesn't get better than this!!


This ring is in 14k white gold and we are not sure of the stone. I have worn this and felt the power and then decided to use it myself as what it was offering I was looking for. I was going to go through a transformation myself but went instead with this. This is why most of the time people can't get a hold of my from Thursday night until Tuesday. Sometimes it's just investigations but many times I have been learning from many masters. It has been extremely enlightening,Dee Dee