Apocalyptic Blood Rain,Rain Down On Me

Apocalyptic Blood Rain,Rain Down On Me

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Occurrences of blood rain are distributed throughout history. They span from ancient times to modern times ,with the earliest account of this miracle occurring in Homer's Iliad. Zeus twice caused a rain of blood to forewarn of slaughter during battle. The first-century Greek biographer Plutarch also gives an account of a rain of blood during the reign of Romulus, who was the founder of Rome. In these times, into the Middle Ages and well into the early Modern Period it was known that these blood rains were omens that foreshadowed “bad news.” One Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records that in 685, “there was a blood rain in Britain. And milk and butter were turned into blood. And Lothere, King of Kent, died.”

I could go on and on with accounts of blood rain, because it was used as a psychic medium of the gods to inform the prophets of the times that there is something about to happen-- sometimes bad, sometimes good. The fact these blood rains held negativity and bad news wasn't always true. Yes, sometimes they held the energies of negative communications from the realm of gods. However, they have also been known to hold good signs and qualities. Moreover, it was a metaphysical sign that there were drastic things about to happen, in one fashion or another. It was an enigmatic form that the ancients, elders, and gods used as a means to provide the most powerful, energetic forms of psychic communication. The energy in the droplets of blood contained prophetic visions and knowledge that could be more easily wielded towards one individual or another because of the fact that it is a fluid magic... .literally.

Unfortunately, the more scientifically “advanced” the human race becomes, the further away from the truth it also becomes. Science is nothing but one big lie, and to be frank, a cover-up. These so-called “scientists” come from nowhere with their hypothetical explanations, stating that they know because they have run tests on this or tests on that and in all actuality they know nothing. Keep in mind, these scientists contains the minds of non-believers who think that the human intelligence alone can solve the mysteries of our universe. It is no wonder that we haven't master interstellar travel or anything along those lines yet. I mean, c'mon.

Anyhow, around the 17th century is when these scholars started declaring that blood falling from the sky was preposterous and that there must be some type of explanation for it. They worked oh so hard to understand and run tests on “blood rain” to come to the conclusion that these types of rains aren't miraculous signs from the gods who so desperately want us to stop deteriorating as a people, but rather it is dust. Yes, that's right-- dust. You see the dust gets lodged in the biosphere during the process of evaporation and then colors the rain that falls during the water cycle process. Well, in that case, people, why isn't is raining mud pies?? Just saying!!

Here's the thing. I wouldn't expect anybody who hasn't had their own experience with this phenomenon to believe anything that I said just because I said it. That would be nearly as preposterous as the water cycle theory. I half want to believe those guys are making that crap up, just because they want to keep the powers that are inherently in the “blood rain” for themselves; either that or they are just plain stupid and actually believe what they are speculating simply because their brains can't grasp the concept that things happen that are outside the realms of normalcy that-- dun dun dun-- cannot be explained. Like, I said... I wouldn't just want you to take my word for it, which is exactly why I am offering this piece up for sale.

What is the piece? Well, you can see what the piece looks like in the pictures that have been posted. The item has been infused with the prophetic powers that were showered upon England during the week of Halloween in 2012. As the forecast went last year the country was due for some seasonably warmer temperatures, followed by frigid temperatures a few days later.... Oh, and by the way, some blood rain. Blood rain? Yes, it was described by local and national British outlets as moisture mixed with Saharan dirt that was coming out of the atmosphere following the warm spell which was sent up-- all the way from Northern Africa-- and raining down upon Britian.

Now, am I the only one that finds that to be a bit fishy?? Leave it up to the English Royals to hide what was really going on. That's okay, because I have some gnostic friends over in the UK who were able to make this piece, which draws from the power of the blood rain that fell on England during Halloween Week in 2012. It is a fantastic little piece, especially for those who are fascinated with Bible revelations-- as this particular blood rain was sent from the Virgin Mary to rain truth upon the people of the coming times.

While I was testing this piece, I was ble to use it to open up realms that revealed to me certain secrets from the End of Times. I was able to open up the realm where the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse were readying for the descent and ride upon humanity. I opened up another apocalyptic realm, in which were held all the plagues. I used it to open up a realm that held the seven scrolls and their revelations. I was also able to realize the seven signs of the Apocalypse that most people will have missed. The secrets of the Number and the Mark of the Beast?? I was also able to, without a doubt behold the secrets contained within both. However, the most harrowing experience was the Four Horseman. I was able to walk among the realm of the horseman. I felt the pale horse of death. I stared into his pitch black eyes and was able to see the bottomless pit of nothing where all of the lost souls were held. I was able to feel the fury of the fiery red horse whose rider was War-- it was ablaze with the magic of all things righteous and ready to ride at the drop of a dime.

This piece holds the same magic as the red horse. It is the same blood, just in a different form. It will give you the power to open up realms that hold all the secrets of the book of Revelations that were given to the Apostle John. It will give you a full understand of three things: 1.) the end of Time 2.) All of Gods magic/powers 3.) The entirety of God's agenda during the Coming of Ages. If you are the curious type, want the most raw, formative magic available, or just want to ready should the Rapture happen tomorrow, this is a piece you definitely cannot live without!


This piece is sterling silver and very beautiful,powerful and a true awakening. Please note that you do get all the power and ability from the angelic realm as well. The knowledge that you get is also something that gives these powers to you because of how the mind expands when biting from the tree of knowledge which is what you will also have. It is said that many can't comprehend but now you will.