Music of the Spheres-- Hermetic Enlightenment
Music of the Spheres-- Hermetic Enlightenment
Music of the Spheres-- Hermetic Enlightenment

Music of the Spheres-- Hermetic Enlightenment

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Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing!
-Psalm 100:1-2 

For decades now, scientists and others have been trying to discover sounds in the universe.  Everything gives off an energy and everything makes a noise.  Whether your human ears can hear them or not, I assure you that they exist.  They are the energies and the "songs of praise" that are talked about in the Bible.  I mean, for crying out loud, look up "singing in the Bible" and there are ba-gillion instances of "singing a joyful noise to the Lord."  So, then, one has to wonder if it means a literal song or if there are some other types of "joyful noises" that are to be made unto the Lord.  I've gotta warn you, too... keep this G Rated, because that's not the direction I'm going with this one!  

The whole point is that everything moves in a synchronized order in the Universe, just like the human body and just like the planet on which we live.  There building blocks of existence and we are all part of a greater existence.  The trick, then, is to master a way to live outside of your own existence... to be able to see what the whole point of existence is, and to master the powers and energies of full enlightenment.  This is precisely what I am offering you.  

This item was recovered during an investigation at the Rosslyn Chapel, which was built by a band of Templar Knights. The architecture is a direct reflection into Templar magic and teachings that have been passed down from generations, including the secret texts that appear within the Bible-- that instruct the Templars on how to live above mere mortal existence.  

Here's where things get a little weird.  Recent discoveries have uncovered a vortex on the pole of Saturn that keeps a perfectly hexagonal shape and moves with the orbit of Saturn and corresponds directly with the position of the Sun.  It has yet to be determined what the cause of the vortex is or what purpose the vortex serves.  There is one thing for sure-- that there are depictions of the vortex built into the Rosslyn Chapel.  The question arises, then, what did the Templars know that we do not.  And, to bring everything full circle, this was the basis of the investigation at the Rosslyn Chapel.  

The result of the of the investigation will tie all loose ends together for you.  Think of your body for a second.  You have eyes, a mouth, a nose, a stomach, a heart, a brain, etc.  However, put them all together, they form a system that works together that must be controlled by some outside force of energy.  This force of energy is a chakratic system.  While you can't feel this system acting upon your energy, I assure you that it is there.  The energy that is present produces and ultrasonic hum and is not audible to the human ears.  This is why people feel like humming during meditation will help them become more "at one" with themselves, because it replicates this "joyful noise."  

The Earth operates in this same way.  It hosts a series of ley lines and chakratice energies that tie together.  The universe does as well.  This is where the story makes sense.  The vortex on Saturn is the chakratic eye of the universe and correlates to what the third eye for be for a human.  It is the epitome of psychic and telekinetic energy among our solar system.   It was given it's power from God, and the sound that it gives off (which hasn't been picked up by the scientists I referred to earlier because it is an ultrasonic form of energy) is called the Music of the Spheres.  The secrets behind the Music of the Spheres was written in the Hermetic Tablets and master by the Templars who have left their mortal existence to understand the life cycle as it really occurs-- from the beginning of time.  Why do you think Saturn is known as the Bringer of the Old Age?  See it all ties together!!

Anyway, these secrets have been recorded, for those of us who have been enlightened enough to understand it, in the form of architecture built at the Rosslyn Chapel.  Yes, it is out in the open so to speak, but it is hidden for the most part because the human mind just doesn't get it.  This piece is called the Hermetic Eye because it brings you the Music of the Spheres.  This energy will enlighten your mind to the point where your third eye will be fully opened and you will gain FULL psychic and telekinetic powers over the physical and spiritual energies and power in your sphere of existence.  Additionally, it will tie your third eye into the the vortex on Saturn, which is the Crown Chakra of the Universe.  It will allow you to hear the "joyful noise" of the Lord to experience existence as it really occurs-- to break the cycle and experience all the power, magic, and energy that was placed into all the spheres of existence.