Key of the God Kings
Key of the God Kings
Key of the God Kings

Key of the God Kings

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This piece came to me in a vision one night.  As I'm sure you are all aware, I cannot control these visions.  They just sort of happen out of the blue.  I could be sitting at home watching television or driving in a car.  One time the a vision came to me while I was driving in a car and I had no idea how the heck I got home safely.  It leads me to believe that all visions are some form of divine providence or another.  I can't really be 100% sure, but I can tell you that I got home safe that day after driving at least 20 miles and not being able to recount a single inch of the journey outside of leaving the store I was at.  

This particular vision came while I was reading a book.  I forget what the book is called at the current moment in time, and I don't really know that it makes a difference other than to say that the subject matter of the book inhibited the vision to take place.  I was reading out of a book about the coming of the ends of time and the bloodline of Christ.  I felt the hairs on my arms prickle up a little bit and I knew I wasn't alone.  

The door creaked open and standing in from of me was a glowing figure in a white robe.  In one hand he carried nothing with him but a box.  On the box there was an inscription.  I can't tell you what language it was or what it said EXACTLY, but what I do know is I was able to pick up, psychically, an energy from the box.  The energy said truth, knowledge, and fortitude.  Going forward, I knew there was some sort of secret in the box.  At that point I just didn't know what.  The angel, whose face I couldn't see because it's splendor was so bright and radiating left the box on the table.  

The box was engraved in real gold... something rare and higher than 24 karat.  The box is not for sale.  What is for sale is what was found in the box.  It is the piece that is listed and pictured here.  After extensive investigation, I was able to determine that the powers in this piece hold the real powers of the God Kings.  The God Kings are a race of individuals that has been created since the beginning of time, specifically when the Norse human-God Odin mixed his bloodline with the bloodline of Christ.  This created very magically powerful and adept white light beings.  This threw other bloodlines into a frenzy and soon ancient bloodlines of all powers began mixing their bloodlines with other bloodlines to create a race of supreme beings of the most powerful white light energies.  They created a secret society for these individuals called the God Kings, where "God" serves as a generic term for supreme deity.  The King part refers to the fact that these individuals are still in mortal flesh.  Put the two together, you will have guess it right.. they are mortal beings who hold all the powers and white light abilities, strengths, and powers of the most powerful deities.  

Examples of people who have existed as God Kings include George Washington during the creation of the American Empire, Kate Middleton, John F Kennedy (who was never really assassinated, it was a cover-up), John D Rockefeller (who eventually sold out to the counterpart of the God Kings, the Illuminati), Mother Theresa, Thoth (the Egyptian Pharaoh), Caesar Augustus, etc.  There are a whole bunch of others that I could go over in detail, but it would take an entire page to do so. 

You can think of this piece as the melting pot of mortal deification.  You can think of it like America-- you know, there are no solid race of people, we are a melting pot of all cultures and races.  We all belong to different ethnic backgrounds and most likely two or three.  This piece literally holds a melting pot of deified bloodlines.  It is a key that has been immortalized and sanctified by the the God Kings.  It gives you access to the powers and knowledge of multiple pantheons, and will give you the psychic communication power to summon any God that you want to acquire his or her power.  It will also allow you into the brotherhood of the God Kings, give you the ability to identify ancient and modern members of the God King Society, and allow you to grow in the extreme white light powers and agenda. 
This is solid sterling silver ane you WILL feel this power asap!