Time Benders: the Men in Lead Masks

Time Benders: the Men in Lead Masks

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There remains a case in history that has become as big a mystery as any-- maybe even as big of a mystery as the origins of Atlantis. Their case is not nearly as well known, because a lot has been doen to make sure their story is not aired. I guess people in South America don't like to really publicize. Could it be because there is an awful lot of weird crap going on down there? Who knows? Guess we'll never know... Haha! Yeah right! That' not how a single one of these end and you all better know that! Who knows??? I do. And with this piece, so will you!

Listen, the basis for the mystery is quite easy to comprehend. Two guys, Manoel Pereira da Cruz and Miguel Jose Viana take off into the woods and wind up dead. Typical, right? Consider the facts surrounding their deaths. The young men, both electronic technicians, were found lying dead next to one another, in the middle of a forest, with their corpses dressed in their finest suits and lead masks covering their faces. The cause of death, to this day, has been undetermined, and the case for suicide or murder is still out on the pair.

Cruz and Viana had set out on trip to buy electronic work supplies and a new car. The men reportedly left with the money for a car, but first stopped at a local general store to purchase both a bottle of water and a raincoat. The man who served the pair told police that the men appeared to be nervous about something and seemed as if they were in a hurry to get wherever they were going.

The bodies of both men were found three days later. The most puzzling part isn't that they were found dead in a forest. Rather, it was what was found with their bodies at the scene of death. Authorities found the men in their suits and raincoats, with no evidence of a struggle. They were both wearing lead eye masks with no holes-- the type used to protect against radiation.

Asides from the bodies and the masks, two towels and a notebook were found on the ground next to the men. The money for the car was gone. However, there was a note written in the notepad that seemed to point to a very strange rendezvous. It read, “16:30be at the agreed place. 18:30 swallow capsules after effect protect metals wait for mask signal. Toxicology reports done on the pair were unsuccessful in finding out what purpose the pills served, as both mens organs had rotted away.

Also found with the bodies of the men, on their person were a few smaller items. These items were confiscated supposedly never to be seen again-- packed away in some case surrounding the mysteries. This item is one of the items that were found with Manoel and Miguel at the time of their discovery as supposed cadavers in the forests of Brazil. I'm not really sure how it was release form its place of hiding. I picked the piece up in my traveling, at a consignment shop in New England. Not sure how the item traveled so far, but neither of my afore mentioned dilemmas are worth getting caught up in. It's not important how or why we have the piece. The important part is that we possess the item and that the powers in this item will possess you!!

I know there was something special with this item when I picked it up. I could psychically feel the energies from this piece “calling” out to me-- or maybe it was the two souls attached to the item. Well, they aren't really attached to item, as much as they are are on the other end of this item... let me explain. After several testing sessions dedicated to the powers in this piece, I have finally determined that these pieces hold the ability to astrally teleport your soul to the location of the two men who “died” in the woods in Brazil. However, they never really died.

What had happened to the pair, was something that I had never seen done before. They were in contact with a race of beings known simply as Time Benders. They are extraterrestrials that “exist” in our realm of existence, but also exist in other realms at the same time... Well, I'm not EXACTLY sure how it is done, but they exist across several plains of existence at the same time. Manoel and Miguel were given the opportunity to join this race of beings and couldn't pass up the offer. Thus, they were given instructions on what to do and how to do it. They followed the instructions and the eye masks were used to pull their souls out of their bodies and give them a totally new transformation from mere mortals into immortal Time Benders. Again, an offer they couldn't refuse.

This piece is an express communication between yourself and the Time Benders. It will allow you to communicate with the Brazilian Time Benders and to acquire all of their powers without having to sacrifice your mortal form. It will give you all the powers of the Time Benders, which include the ability to travel to any point of existence. This includes the ability to travel astrally through different realms of existence. It also includes to Bend Time (naturally) to astrally travel to any point of time along the space-time continuum that you desire to visit.

These power are afforded to you using a sacred, and ancient spell that uses the alchemical adaptation of lead such as the Brazilians used to transform their souls. The only difference between you and the Brazilians is that this is a mortal adaptation of power to give you FULL powers of a Time Bender with out actually changing your soul  If you are looking for a complete transformation, get in contact with us, I'm sure we can set something up! However, this piece is very powerful in itself and is the perfect mortal adaptation to gain FULL POWERS of the Time Benders.


This is made out of sterling silver and looks to be of some Indian origin. The tests we did on it were on target and everytime we used the pieces things went great but I just feel that there is some Indian spirit or something attached to this,just very strange but nothing dark. This is a pendant and can be worn by a man or woman.