Siberian Pyramid: Russian Secret Bases for Secret Races

Siberian Pyramid: Russian Secret Bases for Secret Races

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Anybody who has ever dabbled in the world of science fiction, played a real-time strategy game, or is big on conspiracy has undoubtedly heard the name Nikola Tesla. He is the Serbian God of Lightning and his ever-zapping coils have ruined the lives of digital allied soldiers and smashing US war machines to pieces ever since the creation of Command and Conquer Red-Alert in 1996. However, the fame behind the name is so commonly over-looked that not many people realize that Tesla is one of thee most prolific geniuses to have ever graced this existence we call humankind.

When he wasn't building machines that could launch energy and power balls 26 miles away to light 200 light bulbs at one time, he was replicating Earth's magnetic fields to create Earthquakes in Manhattan. It seriously is sheer wonderment the amount of knowledge this man has. He created things such as the FM Radio, the remote control, power generators, fluorescent lights, spark plugs, robots, and huge freaking machines that harnessed the power of electricity as we know it to shoot brain-frying lightning volts and transfer these energetic properties to other sources. He did all these things with a smile on his face... like a kid at recess playing on the monkey bars.

With the power of such intelligence one exists at a higher level of existence, meaning he was on a totally different plain than all others. He was able to harness the powers and energetic fields around him in ways nobody else was, because he was in metaphysical tune with those things, beings, energies, magics, etc that existed in the atmosphere. Here is where my points of view on Tesla vary versus modern man. You see, Tesla is overlooked for a good reason-- because he knows things that could bring modern world to a halt. When he claimed to have interactions with aliens and people from other realms, people began to call him mad. To this I say, “wait a minute,” this is where things begin to heat up. Here is where Mr. Tesla really begins to tickle my fancy.

He was born in Serbia and was a naturalized citizen, but what modern history books don't tell you is he spent a considerable amount of time in Russia working for the Russian government. While there, he was at work on a secret project, which is so secret that the Russian Government hasn't even named it. All that I can really tell you is that it exists in the frozen Rotunda, in the land known as Siberia. It is here that the Russians hold most of there secret operations and ambitions for the future. It is here where they sent Tesla to see what he could figure out about a structure that is little know to mankind, called the Siberian Pyramid.

The age the Pyramid isn't really known. It isn't as antiquated as the originals that exist in Egypt, but they are extremely old. They lied dormant of power for centuries and centuries. In conjunction with the Russian Government, Tesla brought the pyramid back to life, using the energetic and metaphysical properties of his most prized invention, dubbed the Tesla Coils. Ever since then, it has been a work in process. The capstone of the pyramid has been awakened and the Pyramid, which is hidden well in the depths of Siberia has become a secret base for paranormal and metaphysical research-- much a counterpart to Area 51 here in the United States.

It was in this base that the Russian government, with the help of Nikola Tesla made contact with a race of extraterrestrials who brought them vast knowledge of advanced technology. I know that this sounds like one of those conspiracy theory midnightspecials, and I may not have even believed it myself if I didn't experience it myself, with the powers in the this item. It holds the proof an a secret race of beings that are hidden in a dwell within the confines of the Siberian Pyramid. They are known in the native Russian tongue as a phrase, which I'm not EVEN going to try to say, that translates to the Glowing Ones.

This race of individuals was brought forth by genetic testing advancements that was given to the Russians by extraterrestrials to neutralize the effects of radiation on human born entities. Normally a human would suffer sever genetic defects after exposure to radiation, however, the technology given to the Russians actually reverses these affects to create a race of super-enlightened individuals. These individuals glow a soft purple color-- the color of the crown chakra. Their evolution has developed such that their minds have been enlightened to the point where their brains and energy flow has been merged with the capstone of the Siberian Pyramid. This means that their knowledge is all one flowing brain and one universal knowledge. They exist on the same level as the knowledge of the Egyptian Pyramids, the Crystal Pyramids, the Sphinx and the vast network of structures and devices that contain extraterrestrial influence and magic.

This piece unlocks what I am calling the Tesla Brain. The energy of the Glowing Ones will be intertwined with your own brain, once you meditate with this piece and allow it to take over. You will gain the power of unadulterated, pure powers of the pyramids. I don't want to say, “Oh, it will bring you all the powers of the Egyptian pyramids.” While this would be a very powerful statements, we have other pieces that will do that for you. This piece brings you the powers and knowledge of the Pyramids. All pyramids are connected through a network of knowledge and powers.

The Chinese Crystal Pyramids, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Mayan Pyramids, the Pyramids in South America, the Pyramid in Siberia, and a vast network of other Pyramids and magical structures are all created with a capstone wealth of knowledge that connects them all to the same network pure magic and power. This is what I'm offering you. It is your all-access pass to the network of energy, power, and sheer magic that all pyramids, every where have to offer. This is the complex knowledge of the Glowing Ones, through the power of the Siberian Pyramid, which I am calling the Tesla Brain, because he is the one who as stirred up the properties to awaken such a cogent, eye-opening power!!


Your going to feel this one heat up your skin and you will also feel it radiate outward,that is fine as it is working.