Inner Witch DNA-2
Inner Witch DNA-2

Inner Witch DNA-2

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Above all, the most important thing that we can ever be in life is ourself. Religious beliefs shroud the psyche of the world as we know it. We, as a people, are constantly having our minds besieged. There are constantly people influencing us, telling us who we should and shouldn't be. People think we should act more like this and less like that. Listen, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't matter who you are-- just be who you were born to be. Even though, this seems to be so simple, being true to who you were meant to be and your own destiny is one of the hardest feats that you will belie. However, when you accomplish it, you will feel amazing. You will have finally broken free of the societal chains that keep you chained up in your mental hell!


You can apply this same concept to anything-- especially in the world of magic. There are those that are mediums. There are those that will become empathetics. There are those that will become people who can see the future or see into the past. There are those that will have no psychic abilities at all but will act as a container to holding powers and energies that others will need. Some will be one, more, or all of these things, plus others. You can use powers to grow yourself and to really become the entity that you were meant to be.


This item has been used by many spiritists from around the globe. To the naked eye, this item may just look like another item. However, being an empathetic allows me to be able to read the energies and the multiple presences that have seen the wonder working powers of this piece. I'm not saying the piece is ancient, because it's a more modern piece, but I can tell you that the power that this piece holds is an ancient power. It stems from the bloodline of the Witch of Endor. This witch, at the demand of King Saul, conjured the prophet Samuel to determine his destiny. Thus, the Witch of Endor is also sometimes called the witch of Destiny and holds the powers of Destiny in his hands... YES!!, it was a he!!


Either way, this piece is a guidance piece from the elders. It is a summoning piece to a multitude of spirits that will help you along your journey. You may be fledgling in your powers now, but with the help of this piece you will be able to grow and progress, the way any person with powers has to. Yes, you are born with predetermined ability, but this isn't to say you can't grow or acquire new ones, which is what this piece is SPECIFICALLY designed to do for you.


In conjunction with this piece you will be gaining the ability to summon the following host of spirits:


-witch for ceremonial magick

-a medium witch

-a witch for all things white

-a witch for all things black

-a witch of destiny

-a holistic witch

-an energetic Earth witch

-a pagan witch

-an Alexandrian witchcraft witch

-a witch of Seven

-a Native Witch

-a Voodoo Witch

-a Santeria Witch

-Silva Mind Control Witch

-Witch of the Golden Dawn (Egyptian Witch)

-Romani (Gypsy) Witch.

Remember, you're ultimate goal with this piece is self discover-- to be you in your truest for. The rest will come naturally. These are your elders that will help you along the way. They are a good mix that will give you the most powerful forms of witchcraft that have ever been encountered. It will awaken and full revive your witch DNA with the blessings of the Mother Goddess!  Enjoy!


This piece is very old with many flaws and is in sterling silver. This has many defects just so everyone is aware.