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Gypsy Bloodroot

About two weeks ago, I was invited to attend the Renaissance Faire with a group of friends, my best friend included. I had never been to the Renaissance Faire or any such charade. I enjoy medieval history and antics so I decided that I would tag along. I had a blast, seeing many characters dressed up, archery demonstrations, and even an old-fashioned joust. It was like I had literally entered a time machine and traveled back into history. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next, however.

As I was walking along one of the paths designated for foot traffic, I saw a woman dressed in purple, standing under a tall pine tree beckoning to me come to her. I figured that they couldn't get too far if I just stopped for a moment, so I entreated to this woman under the tree. I honestly believed that it was just another part of the show-- an actress adding to all the splendor of the event. Thus, it didn't really strike me as odd when she told me that she could read my soul and that she had exactly what I had been needing.

At this, she handed me the pieces that you see above, giving me the following instructions. Wake up before dawn, clutch the piece in your right hand, and leave you quarters to await the sunrise. Upon the sun rising, stand in place allowing the first rays of sunlight to emanate on your body. You will soak up the mystifying powers of mother nature, awakening the spirits that inhabit the items that I have set forth for you.

I turned around to see how far my friends had gotten, and if they realized I was no longer accompanying them. I was hoping the gypsy lady would just get on with her sales pitch and leave me be, but when I turned back around, she was no longer there. It was as if she had vanished into thin air. I still had the pieces, but no gypsy lady. I was a bit freaked out, but the nonetheless, I caught up with my friends, explaining what had happened. They dismissed what I said, thinking that I was making some kind of irrational joke.

The following morning, I began my investigation into the gypsy pieces, and after several thorough tests this is what I can tell you. The pieces that you see above, bestowed to me upon an original medieval gypsy, contain the ancient powers of the gypsy bloodroot. When you wear this piece (only after you have activated it as described above) you will be perceived differently by others. Love and romance will be drawn to you-- practically thrown at your feet. In addition, the bloodroot will provide for physical and spiritual protection. You can wear the piece it will ward off black magic, evil doers, and dark spiritual entities. The piece will also provide that you maintain physical safety and soundness. The piece will perform spiritual sanctification, which will give you the ability to communicate with spirits on the astral plains, and will also allow for astral travels accordingly. You will be given the secrets of the ancient gypsy code of magic, consequently allowing you to perform their magic.

These pieces really work, I have tried them out myself. They are very powerful, and should be used keeping this in mind. You will receive one of the piece indicated above. I guarantee you will love this item, but... hey, don't thank me. Thank the mysterious gypsy lady, wherever she may be.

I also went to this faire and I had the exact same thing happen to me. I went after Steve and she gave me a few too and asked if Steve had used his. I was a little taken back because how did she know that I even knew him? But it seems to me that when I read her energy she was dead,not alive. A person that hung out there because it was like the time she lived in. When your very psychic as I am these non living beings are always drawn to you. They seem to be able to seek you out. We have more but are having a problem with pictures so the first to order will get this one and which is sterling silver and then after that you will get a piece that does the same.