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The Olympian spirits rule over 196 provinces of Heaven and Earth. The one your looking at is Phul. He is fierce,powerful and at your beck and call. He gives to you power and a powerful magic that only comes from the 82 province of Heaven. This magic is like nothing we have on earth. It works a little like a thought form but yet it is not like that at all. This is very hard to describe.

The Olympian spirits have always existed but it was in the 16th century that they were first conjured by a human warlock for destructive purpose. The Olympian spirits are not destructive for the mere fun of it and that did not work out for him

Phul is in service to you and can do anything. You need to bond with him. By doing this he is a thought monitor. He can hear you and he can fully understand you. He has no limits to what he can do for you at all.

I believe that this is sterling silver but it is old and there are no markings on it.

To bond with him wear him alone and hold him for a little while. You will feel him right away and he will make himself at home.

He is very good looking and strong feeling. There will be major changes in your life with him.