Celestial Ouroboros

Celestial Ouroboros

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This is a fusion piece that puts together two forms of Egyptian magic.  One of these forms of magic is the astrological knowledge that they gained from watching the universe through their star temples that were chambers inside of the Great Pyramids of Giza.  This is also the place where they went to be slabbed for three days during which they would be sent on spirit journeys through the universe.  The reason why this chamber was so magical is because it was created using sacred geometry to garner the energy flow from all astrological bodies, not just the sun or the moon.  Either way, these powers of the star temples is the first half of the power in this piece. 

The second half of the power that has been put in this piece is the presence of the ouroboros.  This is an ancient creature.  He is the serpent of wisdom who eats his own tail in a definitive statement that all that has begun came from something else end and that everything in nature is cyclic.  This means that there is no beginning and there will never be an end.  Presence just is and in your human form there really is no explanation for it.  The only thing you can do is wait for your next cycle to begin after this mortal life.  Perhaps then, you will really know what cyclic existence really means.  Or maybe you won't.  It's hard to say.  

Either way, these two notions have been merged together to create an astrological cycling piece.  This piece will expand your mind into a form of awakening that allows you live above the existence of the celestial bodies that we call planets, star, moons, worlds, etc.  It will allow you to be able to look at the stars, to gain the perspective of time, and to know the entirely of existence.  There never was a beginning there never will be an end.  What is existence?  This is what this piece gives you the knowledge of.  This piece allows to travel as far back into the cycles of universe that you wish to travel.  You can see what you want to see and know what you want to know.  You can gain the magical abilities that you see along the way.  You can unlock ancient knowledge that will give you an explanation of the times.  You can visit God in his realm where time doesn't exist, to see him in his real existence, not as he has been adulterated in the world as we know it today.  It is the existence of pure power, not the muddled down versions that people offer these days.