Seven For Love
Seven For Love

Seven For Love

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In life, it seems sometimes that the main purpose is to love and receive love in return.  Unfortunately sometimes true love can be muddled by those who merely want to play games or those that want to use you for your body.  It's actually turned into some what of a pandemic, with monogamy being a cringe-worthy word for most of the world's youth.  However, if you are looking for that true, once-in-a-lifetime sort of love then one of these pieces is calling your name.  

This piece is a veneration that calls upon the presence of seven saints, whose powers will work for you in several ways.  First, they will work behind the scenes to push your true love towards.   It will then allow you a type of cognizance that will allow you to know if the person whom you are seeing is the real deal.  It will allow you a divine empathy that will just be able to tell you if the person whom you attempting to date or start a relationship with is worthy of your love.  The group of saints that will be working for you are the following:  

Saint Gengulphus of Burgundy (Patron Saint of Difficult Marriages) 
Saint Joseph (Patron Saint of Married People) 
Saint Monica (Patron Saint of Married Women) 
Saint Priscilla (Patron Saint of Good Marriages) 
Saint Rita of Cascia (Patron Saint of Difficult Marriages) 
Saint Thomas More (Patron Saint of Difficult Marriages) 
Saint Valentine (Patron Saint of Happy Marriages) -