Honorable Scribes of God

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We have a few of these and they come in earrings,bracelets and pendants


Kiramian Katibin is not one entity but a combination of two.  They were the honorable scribes who received magic from God to be able to read the minds and thoughts of others.  Their exclusive job and responsibility was to record the thoughts and actions of all mankind.  However, this did not make it so that you went to heaven or hell, rather, it was used by God as a means to be able to more fairly judge your soul to determine which level of Heaven you belonged in.  Unless you were really wicked during your life, in which case you are just going to be sent to purgatory.  However, the ultimate decision is up to God. 

These pieces are psychic scribe pieces whereby wearing one of them gives you the powers of the honorable scribes, whose names are Raqib and Atid.  With this power, you will be able to look deep into a person mind and while you are doing this you will be able to read his or her mind, upon which you will be able to scribe the inner workings of the person's whose mind you are reading.  You will also be able to write thoughts, feelings, emotions, and memories into the minds of others simply by writing their name on a piece of paper and writing, directly below, those thought forms you wish to interject.  You can use this power for multiple purposes.  The more creative, the more fun!  Use it to obtain the knowledge of others, or to delete bad memories of yourself from the minds of others, or to make them forget you own the bet, etc.  The power has no limits!