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I was just talking to one of my customers about these items. These are very unique in what they do. This is not for the person who wants to stop time,restart it and move back and forth. These do not do that. To be honest you can't even control them at all. They work as they see fit and the only control you have is that you wear it.

What these do.

When they work is up to them but they do work. I have one myself and I use it all the time. Or rather I wear it all the time. Mine is antique as well but it is all gold and diamonds. Which I usually do not wear but I like the way it looks.

If your in a situation where stopping time can benefit you, save a life, or prevent something bad, it works. ALL time will stop. You will be the only one moving.

These were made using the hormones of women. Sounds strange but it is true. I need to make a correction though. These are not antique but vintage. These came from a government experiment with Metal and a time hole found in Montauk. It seemed to them that the hormones put out by women during certain times of the months could cause telekinetic ability, visions, psychic ability and all kinds of things. They took it a step farther and tried it with the time hole after taking the hormone from the women and melting the metal along with it. After that they sent them through. There is a lot more to it then that but that is what I know about it. I have used two of these and they both worked when they wanted to and it was always good for me.

While these are unusual I would not be with out mine. It has saved a life and made it so I got somewhere important on time.

You will get one of these and they will fit anyone.