11 Universes of Divine Power
11 Universes of Divine Power
11 Universes of Divine Power
11 Universes of Divine Power
11 Universes of Divine Power

11 Universes of Divine Power

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This piece was created through a really bizarre experience that I had. It came during one of my astral journies to Heaven. I had actually traveled there for a class, but while I'm there sometimes I mosey around to see what I can find. As most of you know Heaven isn't just one realm. Heaven actually consists of many different realms in which you can find many different things. It is a multi-layered realm that includes the existence of many different realms. He was designed in this way to keep his secrets from the enemy. It was revamped post-fall because everything prior to that Satan already has knowledge of.

One night after receiving enlightenment at Saint Michael's Mystery School, I happened to wander into unfamiliar territories. I know that sounds foreboding, but it's Heaven so it can't be that bad. The worst that could happen is I might lose track of where I'm at and then I just return to my body because I always make sure to wear a grounding piece when astral traveling anywhere.

During my travel, I found this really peculiar creature. I'm not really sure what the creature is called. What I know is that it is a white light creature and it was obviously made by the hand of God. I don't know if it is some type of alien that was created by God or if it was some type of special angel. I mean, there's a fine line between the two anyway. All I know is that it was an ethereal being that I stumbled upon that had a very unique ability.

The being created a universe in its mind. It filled the universe with beings and entities. It gave the universe its own cosmic identity, energies, magic, abilities, and life. As it thought of existence, the entity's head swelled and swelled. I could see what he was thinking and watched as what he thought was turned into reality. He kept thinking and when his head couldn't expand anymore, he simply took it off and grew a new one that was identical to the previous one.

The reality that was just thought of by the entity was then set adrift into existence, sometimes standing alone as its own existential entity and sometimes finding an orbit in association with other forms of existence. Either way, each of the thought-form universes stood on their own. They were micros existences, kind of like the one that God created with his own hands. Of course, they paled in comparison, but they were still highly evolved and highly advanced. Some of the beings were even more advanced than human consciousness, but then again we have our ancestors Adam and Eve to thank for that.

My point is that while I sat there and watched I could see many energies and powers went into the making of each of the universes that this creature created. However, for the most part, each of them had a sort of... theme... if you want to call it that. I watched the creature create these universes and then it dawned on me-- I could use these universes to create a piece. It would be a piece that holds an entire microscopic universe that was dedicated to the acquisition of a power or ability.

All I had with me was a cross pin. I try to take religiously affiliated pieces with me when I got to my training because when and if I find a magic I can place it into a piece that aesthetically agrees. This piece is an antique pin that has been created out of real antique coral!! There are 11 coral beads altogether that comprise the piece and each of them holds a micro-universe that will allow an enlightenment of its magic and abilities. Again, the energies of each micro-universe can be attributed to a specific theme, so in actuality, this is 11 powers/abilities that you will be enlightened with.

This is an incredible find and a beautiful piece. It is incredibly powerful. The powers of the eleven universes you will receive are listed below.

1.) Healing-- full-body, distance, hands-on, spiritual, mental, and just about every type of healing you can think of.

2.) Wealth-- This is divine wealth, financial wealth, abundance, wealth in business, and every other type of wealth you can think of.

3.) Prophesying-- This will give you the ability to hold direct communication and correlation to God, so you can receive His divine messages.

4.) White Light Psychic Awakening-- An opening of the third-eye, which will be blasted with white light and divine magic

5.) Divine Will Manipulation-- This allows you to manipulate the divine will of God so that way you can experience the outcomes that you want in life.

6.) Divine Manifestation-- This is almost like a deification, except not quite. This is the awakening of the God code DNA within your own body so that way you can become "like" God while you are still in human form.

7.) Angelic Control-- Gain the ability to call upon any angel of choosing and do so with the authority of God.

8.) Miracle Making-- This is pretty much what is sounds like. You can use this power to manifest and enact divine, white light miracles that will manifest in their own way.

9.) Ascension-- The ability, when your life is over, to ascend to Heaven in bodily form instead of your spirit form. You will be given a new, Archangelic body full of white light power.

10.) Christ Blood-- The ability to manifest and experience the Blood of Christ. By experience, I mean that the blood will live inside of you and you will become part of the divine bloodline. This will allow you to manifest and create your own white light magic and powerful abilities.

11.) The Word-- This is the ability to speak with the command of God. You can use this ability during exorcisms or spiritual cleansing or when calling upon entities or spirits. What is said with the authority of God cannot be spoken over, so you will always have the final say. God was the Word and now he is giving the Word to you.