Technological Possession

Technological Possession

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Technological Possession

There are spirits all around us. Some people have the distinct ability to sense these entities. Unfortunately most do not. However, what happens when a spirits becomes so wrapped up in making itself known, that it goes to extreme measures to be identified for what it really is. This is what happened to my cousin.

I'm sure that all of you have heard of the white noise phenomenon, where ghosts attempt to communicate with us through high frequency radio waves. Well the same theory can be applied to the use of cellular devices. I know from a third party account of a personal experience. It began when my cousin answered a restricted phone call to her cell phone.

Now, there was nothing special about her cell phone, it was simply an average device, that could be purchased by any consumer. It was never owned by someone who has since been deceased. Nothing strange like that. One night while she was tending to her son, she was watching a movie when she received a strange phone call that was unclear due to the static that was present in the background. This occurred several times, so she called the phone company to file a harassment claim, but when she did, there was no history of anyone calling her at these times. Her reports remained unsubstantiated and what is even more strange is the fact that her call log showed no evidence of the calls either.

Then, she began receiving picture messages, which was nothing more than a blurry photo in the rough shape of a human. The most distinct feature in the photos were the eyes, as they seemed to peer right into your soul. The picture messages were always the same, and they'd go missing on their own, in the same fashion her call log history seemed to never show up. She put up with this tiresome charade, simply because she was under contract and couldn't afford to buy a new phone for retail price, not that it would've solved the problem anyway.

Eventually, she became fed up and took the battery out of the phone, rendering the phone lifeless and unable to operate; or so you would think. One night, while her phone lay next to her, battery dismantled, she received a phone call similar to the previous ones. At this point she was freaked out, so she called me the next day, and I agreed to investigate her phone, because their seemed to be no other alternative. What I was able to find out is that she had a bad spirit following her that was so desperate to inhabit her body, that it was attempting to take over her body via the same air waves that allowed her cell phone to communicate with the cell towers.

We immediately sought the help of the perfect person for a job like this-- the father of a local Catholic parish. He was able to invoke the powers of both Saint Isidore and Saint Barbara. This piece combines the powers of Saint Isidore, who holds dominion over all technology and Saint Barbara who is the divine protector from harm. With the powers invoked by these two, you will remain safe from any type of spiritual attack, but especially those associated with white noise or that have to do with technology. According to the priest, it is a common occurrence for demons to try to weasel their way in via a source of technology, because it's easy for spirits to travel through radio waves and technology from televisions, to radios, to cell phones, to computers are used on a daily basis. Anyway, the piece that you see below is blessed by this priest and will provide a spiritual shield against any evil entity that wishes to do you harm. It works well, because my cousin has had zero problems with her phone, since she was gifted her own individual piece by the priest.