The powers of Sephirah Netzach and the Orb of Venus

The powers of Sephirah Netzach and the Orb of Venus

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The powers of the Sephirah Netzach and the Orb of Venus

Take a good look at the piece below. You will definitely want to invest in it. The powers that are vested into the piece are incredible, astrological, spiritual, and sacred. The piece comes from Emir, our beast from the Middle East. He got the piece on an investigation of a clerical religious sect that adheres to a totally different set of criteria than that of the traditional Israelis. He sent the piece to me in 2007 and I have been working with the piece for the past several years. At first glance, this piece was extremely elusive, but that is because it is most powerful during the Sphere of Venus. It took me a year or two to actually figure this out, but the piece has strong astrological ties, as defined by the sect that has originated its powers.

After running grueling tests on the piece, I have come to the following consensus. The mainstay of this piece is that it has been enchanted with the spirit of the archangel named Haniel, which means joy of God. The piece gives its owner one seventh of the power set aside by God for his highest points of authority in Heaven, other than himself, His Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, called Eloihem. He is one of seven archangels, and guards the Sephirah Netzach; thus, Haniel will give you the wisdom of the fruit of the tree of life. He will also give you the unique shield of angelic protection, as it was given to him by God. You see, Haniel was sent by God to watch over and provide divine protection over the Virgin Mother herself. Thus, you will inherit the same protection and the ability to bless others with this same protective shield.

Now, here is where the sect, and ultimately the piece and its powers, take a twist. Astrologically speaking, this piece most nearly coincides with the celestial orb of Venus. This piece holds powers in and of itself; however, you can magnify the powers twenty seven times if you follow this procedure. Be careful to take notice to when your realm enters the celestial orb of Venus. When it does, you must pray to Venus for three consecutive nights to unlock her powers. Once you do this, in addition to the powers of Haniel, the archangel, that the piece already invokes, you will also acquire the powers of the sacred goddess of love, Venus. She will give you the power to appear as another individual as a means of becoming the ultimate seductress, or seducer. You will be given the powers to arouse the deepest emotions of love and passion. You will be the ultimate freak in the sheets, because this piece will elevate your sexuality, also elevating the sensual feelings that go along with sexual endeavors. You must remember to do this annually, though, because her spirit will expire in one years time. You will receive the piece above. Be sure not to miss out on this one, because you are sure to enjoy it!!