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In the 1930's Vlad's tomb was opened and nothing was found. He is was buried on an island and the only way to get to it is by crossing Snagov Lake. On your trip there you can hear a voice in foreign tongue saying Nu intra which means do not go there.

When the archaeologists came to uncover the tomb they were in fear. Fear because they knew it was his and yet no body was discovered. What did come out of there belonged to his mistress and her name was Sara Celinda Erb. Not exactly a Romanian name but that was who she was. Buried along with her well hidden bones was a necklace not to different then the coral of the sea I had on last year. The bones were found because the necklace glowed with a power. This was power that he gave to her and had to take her life because of it.

What I find ironic is that she was his mistress and when she cheated he removed all her organs and had her buried.  He loved her but I guess he had quite the temper.

The necklace is very old and in great shape for it's age. It is very intricate and the coral is what has lasted so long.

The paranormal experience that I have seen and heard with this is off the charts. I kept hearing a man speak to me and demanding I call him Voivode,this is Vlad's real name I'm guessing because it IS him. I have never heard this name before and will do more research into it. What is also strange is that I know someone who's chart matches Vlads but is alive today. When I say matches it is the planet placement. No chart is alike but this is what is called a full life circle and it was shocking when I learned it.

I will tell you that I have had quite the hard time with this one because he is stubborn and with a testy temper. I wore the necklace and he said to me that he would decide what I would do and not do! He grabbed me and I could feel his breath yet not see him. This led me to believe that he could make himself invisible to me since I can see the spirits. I told him to go blow smoke out of his butt because I'm not dealing with that and I don't have to,dead or alive he needed to have some respect.

Then came the sexual remarks. I'm guessing that back then he could have what he wanted. We really have argued back and forth because I'm not into him. I said some pretty nasty things to, like could he even do anything with his ghostly body! I was mad and we do not make a great match at all. I'm stubborn and I don't know him and he expected someone to bow down to him and to be honest it wasn't going to be me. I'm not trying to be funny but you need to know his personality before you buy because he will come around. Not only that but he doesn't like to take no for an answer. He showed up during the night and said he would stake me! I said yeah right bad boy as if you can! I have found that he can not hurt you but he is demanding. He has tried to put my other spirits in their place and also tried to form an army with them. I think he needs to relax and take it easy but I don't see that happening.

Another night he came into my bed with no clothes on and told me to get ready to pleasure him. Well,well,well like that was going to happen.  I will say that his weenie is not small.

After he got over himself we have become friends. He is well behaved,has a funny personality and believe it or not sensitive. You just have to take the approach that he is not going to rule you but that you can rule together. Once you get over his ego which is very large he will empower you and show you all the necklace can do. I know it now so I can tell you. We have had long talks about why he killed his mistress and he hates cheating and what he thinks are slights.  I have come to find out that the mistress was killed because he could not allow her to live knowing what she did. It was a killing of passion. Not saying that is alright but I can see how that would happen. I know I might want to take a person out as well. It is just that today we can't do that. If we could things would be much better and the population would certainly thin a little.

The necklace gave Sara the ability to be powerful in the vampire way. She could see into the future to help him in battle. It gave her great beauty and it never faded. But most importantly it gave her a direct connection to him. This is why he killed her. Once he gave it to her she could not lose it until death. He did not want to be reminded of her. The center of the necklace holds the very important coral from the begining of time. This is all powerful and the reason that vlad and many vampires like it is because it is the only thing of god that they can touch. Because they can touch it they become empowered with it and can pass it on.

While this does give you some very unusual powers your really getting a very important vampire who was loved by his people and still celebrated today in at least one country.