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This piece is the representation of pure love and virilty of faith. It was handcarved by an Apache and then empowered with a spell to align the cosmic forces to showcase true love for the person who has it in their posession. <br /><br />

There are many times in life when people seem mis-matched, or they love someone out of their "social class", or ethnicty, or religion and this is looked upon by some as a negative aspect.<br /><br />

The aspects of merging individuals of different natures is not as big of a concern as it was years ago, but it does still exist. <br /><br />

This piece was created and invoked with power to coincide with a love story by an Apache named Mario Henry Black Wolf; it is called "TheWolf and the Owl."<br /><br />

A Love Story by Mario Henry Black Wolf<br /><br />

There once was a wolf that lived in a great valley known by many animals. One night on an evening hunt, the wolf heard from a distance, mysterious but beautiful songs. He had never heard them before. He was so enchanted by these strange yet wonderful songs that he went to investigate where they were coming from. By half an evenings time he came upon a beautiful owl perched in a tree. For the longest time he sat looking up a the owl, listening to her songs. He had become so enchanted with her and her music that every night he would go to that same spot and listen, and every night the owl would sing to the moon and the stars for their presence.<br /><br />

One night, as the owl rested for awhile from her singing, the wolf stepped closer to the tree and said up to her, “You are so beautiful and you sing so well, I would like some day to sing with you.” The owl, somewhat surprised that he spoke, looked down and replied, “I have seen you many times before, young wolf, and you too are beautiful as well as a skilled hunter. But you are a four-footed Being of the Earth Clan and I am winged of the Sky People. Our People have never sang together before.” “This is true, Lachusa, but what harm would it do to sing one song?” he asked. Lachusa, the owl, looked down into Makuya's dark yet trusting eyes, and smiled, “This is true ... one song, what harm could it do?” And so she flew down to a branch closer to this Earth and nearer to Makuha, the wolf. She hesitated, because of the natural fear that their Clans have of each other, but she saw in his eyes a passion and trust of honesty. She knew he would not harm her. And so she began to hoot softly. And he began to howl low and gently. Being from differnet Clans, they both sang different stories. Yet as if it was strummed together by the Gods, their words and music came together as one, with much beauty and power.<br /><br />

All the animals began to gather at the sight, drawn in my the power of understanding, captivated by an unusual sight and enchanted by the respect being shared. Forgetting their own differences as predator and prey, they stood next to each other ... and listened. But as the magic of the moment began to fade and the songs slowly ended, Lachusa and Makuya stared deeply into each other's eyes and a tear of sorrow fell to the Earth. For although there was much magic in their hearts, it was their eyes that saw the Truth. She was of the Sky People and he was of the Earth Clan. And they knew this could never be.<br /><br />

Makuya slowly turned and began to walk away with his head down in sadness. Lachusa flew away into the night sky, shedding tears of heart break. And that is why late at night, when you're alone, you can hear the howls of the wolf for he looks to the moon to sing a song he shared with someone so special. And that is why in the late evenings you hear the hoot songs of the owl. For she is asking, “Who has seen the one I love?”<br /><br />


**With this piece you will find the one you are to love, and you will not longer be bonded to boundaries that others have set up --- you will be able to see those you encounter with a pure heart and eyes that will reside any demeanor issues that do not mesh with yours!<br /><br />

So many people regret decisions they make, especially in the area of love. They marry someone to please others -- and not really themselves... this remarkable piece is your detector for love and happiness. Now the wolf and the owl can create beautiful music inside your soul~!<br /><br />