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4-28-09 UHHHHHHHH I want to kill this thing! I just typed this up and lost it all.

Here we go yet again. The Maga witches are witches that seek pleasure in all ways. it can be from money, sex, material possessions or just lush living. Speaking of one of my witches name Diamond Diane helped me to get some lush for free. Which by the way you must give this stuff a try. It is all fresh stuff. Try the Big Blue bath bomb it is amazing! Email me for a list of all the good stuff they have.

Anyway I ordered and they sent me someones gift order so I had to call them because some poor person was never going to get the gift they were expecting. They told me to keep it ( it was great too)and that they would now send out mine. So they did. Then they sent it it again so I ended up with three orders all because my Maga loves

She is also into so many things.

These will do beauty, wealth, happiness, great furniture too!

These rings are big so you might not want to wear them but if you did they would not look bad. They also open so you can place your wishes inside. You will get one of these along with the name. You do not have to wear at all. just call the name and let them know you know they are there. They all love the finer things in life. ANY kind of pleasure.

I think your going to love these.



paranormal ability

great items

you will get one of the ones you see.