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The Chalice of Immortal Beings

Quickly, when I say pyramid say the first thing that comes to your mind. If you said Egypt, it would definitely be acceptable and expected. What most people don't know, is that is the Egypt's sister country, Sudan, is also home to some 220 pyramids that have been constructed for the burial of their leaders and devoted to the majesty of their gods.

Actually, the pyramids existence is thanks to a group of people that used to make up a country that was once known as Nubia. Nubia has since been conquered and divided up amongst Sudan and Egypt. Thus, there are pyramids that are a great source of celestial power in Sudan. More specifically, the most powerful ones exist in a town known as Meroe.

The pyramids at Meroe were constructed between the 5th and 6th cataracts. During the Meroitic Period forty generations of Nubian royalty are buried in Meroe, and every royal Nubian tomb is housed within a pyramid. The Meroitic South cemetery contained the tombs of three kings, Arikakaman, Yesruwaman, and Kaltaly, as well as six queens. Further to the North, in the Meroitic North cemetery, an additional 30 kings and 6 queens were buried.

Although, many of the tombs have been severely plundered, there is still evidence of the splendor of the once magnificent Nubian civilization. Naturally, this place is a supernatural hotspot. Unfortunately, this place is usually overlooked and not really utilized for the powers that they exhibit; this is not to say that the powers lay dormant, because they surely do no. As you know, we are engaged in all kinds of efforts to attain the most unique powers and abilities of all times. We were lucky enough to obtain our own piece of the magic that is present at the site of the Meroic pyramids.

These pieces that you can observe for yourself are crawling with supernatural energy, hold in them the very magic that help the Nubians construct the mystifying pyramids in the great city of Meroe. It calls upon the forty generations of Nubia, including high priests, kings, queens, spiritualists, prophets and even mortal gods. It conjures their spirits, creating a portal that will allow you enter the realm of the Nubian gods, where you will be blessed and enchanted with many abilities. You will seated up the ancient royalty and drink from the Chalice of Immortal Beings, giving you the ability to create your own powers and absorb others' powers as well. You will be able to communicate with any being that exists, including gods, divined men or mortal gods, spirits, and others. You will gain the ability of power transposition-- that is you will be able to divine other people as you see fit. In this way, you be the ruler of a new fraternity that will be the keepers of an ancient magic. Do not abuse these powers, as the gods can and will revoke these powers if you use it for evil or dark-related powers. You will receive one of the piece that you see on display.