Spiritualism and the Fox Sisters

Spiritualism and the Fox Sisters

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Spiritualism and the Fox Sisters

I have family that lives in New Jersey, so it would come as no surprise that I frequent the state. It would also come as no surprise that I have been to New York City a number of times, as this great city overflows into Norther New Jersey. Usually I visit the city to site see, shop for bargains, or to catch a show on Broadway. However, one particular time I ventured off into a shop that I had never seen before that held all kind of curious little trinkets and oddities... actually sort of a treasure chest full of the kind of things that I would normally keep around.

The owner of the shop, whose name was Marcella (Marcella for short), was an older, but yet very nice individual. She was also very unique, and I say unique because that's pretty much the only word that befits what I could even begin to describe Marcy as. I would describe her as a witch, but she doesn't really like that word, because she thinks that it gives her a negative connotation right of the bat. She also said that she wouldn't consider herself a gypsy, either. So, Marcy and I came to an understanding that we would simply call Marcy a spiritualist; and spiritualist she was at heart. Naturally, when I told her what I do for a living, she was all but willing to help me progress and find a new means of excitement to offer my clients. It was through this uncanny happening upon a little shop in New York City that preempted my encounter with the Fox Sisters. My encounter with the Fox Sisters are how I can offer the two pieces that are shown here. So... thank you, Marcy.

Marcy and I held a very delightful conversation that day, during which the subject of the Fox sisters arose. Interest must have been quite apparent on my face, because Marcy delved headstrong into the topic, insisting that I accompany her to the Fox sisters old home in Wayne County, New York. And so it came to pass that I agreed to accompany Marcy the following weekend to the house in which the Fox sisters had grown up.

In the year 1848, the two younger Fox sisters name Kate and Margaret- ages 12 and 15, respectively – lived in a house in Hydesville, New York with their parents. Now, Hydesville is nonexistent present day, but was a hamlet that was part of the township of Arcadia in Wayne County. The house in which the girls were live was notorious for its reputation for being haunted, but it was not until the end of March of 1848 that happenings in home began to fright the family. By happenings, I mean unexplained sounds that at times sounded like knocking, and at other times like the moving of furniture.

However, it was not until the year 1888 that the sisters, particularly Kate, came out about their run ins with the spirits that possessed the house that they had previously resided in. As it happened, during the night of March 31, Kate, who finally had enough of being frightened nearly to death, challenged the entity, ordering it mimic the snapping of her own fingers. When the entity accommodated the command, it was asked, by the girls, to rap out their ages. It did. The neighbors were called in, and over the course of the next few days a type of code was developed where raps could signify yes or no in response to a question, or be used to indicate a letter of the alphabet.

Now, nobody really knows where the Fox sisters received their spiritual inclination from, however, it was confirmed that a man had been murdered in the home some time ago. Even then, why had the spirit chosen to reveal itself to the two teenage girls? I met someone during my investigation in Arcadia township, that insisted that the house of the Fox family was built over what used to be an ancient Indian burial ground; and although, there is no concrete proof as to the existence or nonexistence of the burial ground, I can positively assure you that this was a correct account of what happened to the Fox sisters.

You see, during my investigation I was able to dig deeper, to uncover what others couldn't. I connected with an ancient Native spiritualist, perhaps a Shaman or something to that extent. Anyway, he was an extremely powerful man, even in death. As a means of trying to enlighten the youngsters, the Shaman (as I will call him), bestowed upon them the ability of spiritual clairvoyance. That is, the ability to communicate with spirits from multiple realms and of the past, present, and future. The girls were not able to dig deep enough, merely letting their ability be clouded by the murder victim, not reaching into total spirituality and clairvoyant ability. Under the watch of their older sister, the Fox girls exploited their abilities as mediums for fame and fortune, only to die as paupers, completely wasting the precious ability that had been passed on to them. That's okay though, because the spirit of the shaman is still around, as I told you I have connected with him. During our encounter he also gave me the ability that he passed on to the Fox sisters. In turn I am going to pass the pieces onto my value clients.

With the piece that is displayed here, you will gain the ability to call upon the spirit of the your own Native American shaman, giving you the ability to communicate with spirits of the past, the present, and the future. You will also gain the ability to travel to the spiritual realms, gaining insight and wisdom from the rulers of the spirits, and gaining additional spiritual powers that you can The shaman will give you the blessing of spiritual sanctification, so that way your spirit achieve maximum astral capabilities.

This piece is sterling silver and the ancient Shaman has been tested more since this description done. We got a call and and were able to use this piece at Amityville which is an interesting story in itself. I will get to the piece that was sent to me very soon.