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Alternative one,two and three have finally come to pass. Most of you know about alternative three but have not heard of the others. Let me tell you all about them.

Alternative was was to reduce population and it has been successful. This was done by blowing holes in the ozone layer to cause cancer in people. The second alternative was to build underground cities for the wealthy and the elite, this has also been accomplished.

Alternative three sounds a lot like Elysium, and indeed it is. This alternative three was to set up cities on the Moon and Mars all of which has been done. In fact Obama who's mother was a CIA operative placed her son Obama in the program. 10 teenagers were picked for the experiment and he was one of them. Sound strange? Well it is but it's also true.

The cities are already there and have 500,000 people living on Mars now, all underground.

Who did they get to build this great underground city? They were people that have been kidnapped and tortured along with being brainwashed.

I was talking to someone about this and they brought to my attention the 500,000 and how that is also on the Georgia Guidestones. I never realized that until now.

What I have found out is the the government is preparing some now and even though our relationship with China is not the best, they too are on board.

Just recently they have begun to chip their people for their national healthcare system. Can Obamacare be to far behind? What a perfect excuse to chip everyone. But what would this chip be for? That I have found out. The chip has nothing to do with healthcare at least not when it gets here. We do know that certain chips will allow others to escapee a terrible fate. These chips emit a certain wave that will allow certain ones to live.  They will never look alike and it will be rare to get one.

I meet Dr. Sy Chang who is a friend of one of my friends who used to work at Bowman Green university.  ( I think it's Bowman) and he makes the pieces. We have some of these.

Why are they worth your while? You will be able to travel freely and have privacy, movement is important especially if your a prepper or just someone that wants to escape what is coming and hide.

The signal that comes out of these will be picked up by a scanner allowing you to move freely. This is like the government thinking your one of them. If you don't think these things exist then look up my listing on Candy Jones the mind control sex slave. This happens all the time. The piece I had from her was nothing but a charm bracelet but hidden inside was all the electronics. I believe I still have pics of this up. This bracelet is what controlled her mind and turned her into not only a sex slave but also a contract US government killer.

Let's all prepare, fool the ones trying to fool and kill you. The government is not your friend. Also there also many who fool the government to get the info the rest of us need. Take advantage of this now.