Who is the Slender man?

Who is the Slender man?

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Who is the Slender man?

The Slender man was born in the 90's but transferred by government time travel to the early 1500's. This is so that various torture techniques could be authenticated and taught to those in government. He was also to change events in time leading to the USA.

The Slender man is a real man that was created the same way a Golem is except that a special cast at Montauk was done on him so that he could take a physical form.

What people think they know about the Slender man is that it is a video game. The video game came out way after the Slender man was known.

The real Slender man takes children and has been seen many times. These children are kidnaped for government sick purpose. This is a hidden cabal that is not a conspiracy theory but has been proven just last year. You may look up government sex ring. This is what gets me about some people, it's proven yet some still don't believe it.

Now you might be wondering why I write about this, it does has a supernatural element to it. But the real reason is because all that the slender man can do.

Being created out of pure magic he does more then kidnap children for sexual favors to weirdos in government and in fact he doesn't even know that is what he is doing.

A guy I know who used to work both Plum Island and Montauk had access to the coming and going of slender man. He was also told to travel to 1547 because there was a very magical ancient book that could cast the most amazing magic. The problem was that even getting it did not decipher it. They has to learn how and what it did. We are talking raising the dead, serious revenge and an audience with whoever you wanted. Those are just a few.

One day when Slender man came back Phil was to just ask questions and record the answers. Each night he would be polygraphed to make sure he told no one what he learned. At point in that Phil worked there he did not know about the children. When he found out he was done but he took with him what he found out.

These were the location of the blood chalice, how to bring back the dead in full physical form, revenge with out karma, the location of the ark of the covenant. What was interesting to learn was that the chalice and the ark are actually right in front of you but how did you bring them out. He learned all of this as the Slender man can't lie, he can only report.

You will get all of these things in this piece.