Seven Spells of the Pure Soul
Seven Spells of the Pure Soul

Seven Spells of the Pure Soul

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Seven Spells of the Pure Soul 

There are different types of people in this world.  Some people are after powers and energies to gain as much magic as they possibly can.  Others want sex magic.  Others want magic that will help them travel along the space-time continuum. All of these are fine and we offer a wide variety of powers and items that will do these things for people.  However, and I know it seems almost ironic, what about those that just want to use to magic to live as normal as a life as possible?  Well that's what this piece is all about.  The piece is the Seven Spells of the Pure Spirit.

The path to pure and successful life begins with a pure soul.  To build a strong house, you must build upon a solid foundation.  Life works this way as well.  To live a productive life, you must have a pure soul.  To have a pure soul takes a lot of practice and constant focus.  It can really be its own type of lifestyle.  We have made this item in conjunction with the true white light energies of Raviniska.  She helped us make this piece, because she realized that  to retain a full white light and pure existence 100% of the time can be a difficult task, especially if you are left all on your own to do so.  So... this piece has been fully infused with her powers to help the "average Joe" live a fully purified life that will bring forth the many fruits of abundance and success that we all desire for our own lives. 

This piece contains seven white light blessings that will become yours, once you obtain this piece.  By wearing this item, or meditating with it, you are infusing yourself with their esoteric energies and the white light of Raviniska!  The seven blessing are as follows: 

Family:  It is the one thing that many people take for granted.  Asides from your family, who will you have in this life?  I'm not talking about a blood line or lineage.  I'm talking about those people who you love that you surround yourself with.  This spell will provide for you to surround yourself with those who are a blessing to be had-- the type of friends and family that exhibit no hindrances, but who will bolster your existence and help you reach your dreams! 
Hope:  In this mortal life, it is sometimes hard to find this.  Times can sometimes seem bleak and you may feel like all hope is gone.  This aspect of the soul is a big factor in the reason why people give up on their dreams of success.  This part of the item will re instill and fortify hope in your own life. 

Trust:  Sometimes it feels like this world is nothing but liars and backstabbers.  You feel like you have to keep your balance or the people in this world will throw you to the wolves.  While this may be true, this power will allow you to psychically connect with a person.  You will be able to tell who is trustworthy and who's a flake.  It will help you surround yourself with only positive influences and rid you of the iniquities of the evils that will weight your soul down. 

Faith:  You have to have faith in something... why not start with yourself.  This aspect of the item will assure that you will retain a razor-sharp focus.  It's easy to fall behind or alter the path a little for this or slightly for that.  Before you know it, you have compromised your complete path.  This aspect assures that you will have a purity of soul and mind that will allow you stay focused to travel the path to righteousness and ultimately your own success! 

Truth:  We covered the trust aspect, but this piece is something else entirely.   This is the power to never lose yourself.  Today people sell out for a few dollars all the time.  It's just the power of the almighty dollar I assume.  This aspect of the item is a power that will allow you to maintain your integrity at all times.  My uncle once told me that you are brought into the world with to things... your life and your integrity.  That's what you leave with.  You will eventually have to meet your maker, to stand and report.  When you do, what will you be able to tell them??  This energy will alter your psyche so that way you will always be reminded to stay true to yourself.  This is a major key in maintaining a positive energy flow and a pure soul. 

Charity:  Sometimes in life it is easy to get caught up in what you have.  It's understandable that you work hard for your money and that you don't want to slap it down on the table for the taking by somebody who hasn't done anything, at all, to deserve.  Trust me, we all pay taxes, dont' we?  However, there is a fine line between wanted to keep what you've rightfully earned and getting caught up with an Ebenezer Scrooge complex.  Greed bleeds an ugly color and it has an IMMENSE impact on soul.  If you are greedy, the filth and waste are inverted because it is a self-centered iniquity.  Thy by-product only goes deeper and deeper, causing the aura to change and the soul begins to get stagnant.  Eventually it will begin to rot.  Not with this energy!  This energy reminds you to always show beneficence to those who do not as much as you do.  I mean, we are all God's children, so why not help one another!  It leads to a clean, pure soul!!  Let this energy be your reminder! 

Love:  Finally, there is love.  I know that sometimes it can seem like a generic answer to the question, "what do want from life?".  However, love is a very important aspect of maintaining a proper state of soul.  Without love, we begin to grow cold and bitter!  We all need that positive energy flow in our lives.  It doesn't necessarily have to be love for a partner.  It can be affection for those you consider family, or a friend, or a pet.  This piece will allow you to dig deep within your soul to find the power of love.  This will purify your soul and keep the love energy in your life fresh and anew! 

All of these powers combined will keep you in a perfect state of soul.  You will be able to use these powers to open up the showering of white light blessing from the hands of Raviniska!  More importantly, these powers will allow you maintain the sanctity and purity of your soul, to keep a spiritual balance.  Then, you will be able to live a "normal life". (I use this term loosely, because each individual defines their own version of normal!)   Through this balance you will be able to achieve your own, individual successes-- whatever these might be for you!  With the right frame of mind and a perfect soul, there is nothing that cannot be achieved!