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I was on vacation down in Delaware and was staying in a beautiful bungalow that was right by the ocean. I  stayed there with my partner, son, parents, sister and her family. Everything seemed to be in order until the second day when I went to bed.

I was reading a book in bed when I saw a tall and beautiful lady, about 5'6" tall dressed in a white gown. She had a sad expression on her face and her eyes looked sad, her feet not touching the floor. I asked her what was wrong, but she just disappeared. Feeling more surprised than scared, I went to sleep. Before I went to sleep, I prayed.

The next day, I woke up and I looked around for the lady, but she was not there.

I went to eat breakfast and then told my family about it. They said that maybe I was dreaming?!

That night I looked for the lady again. There she appeared again, her eyes gloomy and her face had a sad expression. I asked her with a trembling voice," Well, why are you haunting the place? You should be telling me your problems."

She showed me a photograph and I looked at it. There was a man in the photograph and there was the lady, strangled by the man. She then said that the man was her lover who had strangled her to death in that very same house. I kept the photograph then showed it to my family.

As they looked at it they noted the pin that was on her dress in the photo, she was dressed up at the time of her death and the pin was radiating in the photo. I looked again and as I peered at it, the pin came out of the photo and fell to the ground!

As crazy as this must sound, it is true. The pin looks like it is made of of bone, or ivory and it will help the person who wears it find the womans fortune!

We learned that she was strangled because she would not disclose the location of her prime collection that is worth millions... her lover thought he was entitled to the glory of her wealth, as he had been with her for close to 5 years and they were engaged, but she of course wanted a pre-nup which is what engaged the fight that ended her life.

Now in spirit form you will be guided to the items astrally that will be able to emit physically back to you!

** A grand piece of implorable unity is what you will gain from this piece brought forth from tragedy.

~Picture to be added tomorrow!