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Shakespeare's genius was never fully appreciated during his lifetime. People thought of him as just another playwright.

Since he never published any of his plays, the only ones in printed were pirated versions often missing entire scenes!

Once he was dead and buried, much of his work was forgotten. And that would have remained the case if it hadn't been for two loyal friends!

After the Bard of Avon passed on, actors John Heminge and Henry Condell took it upon themselevs, in their words, "to keep the memory of so worthy a Friend and Fellow alive, as was our Shakespeare."

They were determined to publish a collection of all his dramatic works. This task took them many years to accomplish.

The two men had acted alongside Shakespeare in his plays, and they knew his work in detail. They searched out long-lost copies, dredged up missing pages, and convinced playwright Ben Johnson to help them edit the material.

They scratched together funds for the roject, and finally, seven years after Shakespeare's death, they were able to publish the plays in one authorative volume, now known as the First Folio.

Two devoted fans made his legacy occur and their devotion imparted extreme majestic power.

By showcasing his talents and projecting his plays to the world, John and Henry pulled forward Shakespeare's spirit and he has been utilized for centuries helping others realize their true calling and talents!

It is believed that Taylor Swift had his help and that is what has launched her career -- he granted her the gift of inquizatively taking her life and writing it into clever songs. Taylor lived only about 40 mins. from our home office before moving to Nashville, and we got an item that was hers at an auction -- it was the rivited piece that holds Shakespeare's spirit!

You can now realize your full potential and gain blessings from Shakespeare to unite your inner born talents! Take your throughts, skills and actions and project them upon the world and be prepared to excel and succeed... do not let your artistry be left behind after you die, use this piece to live out your adventure with the help of Shakespeare!