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This is a piece from Liliana, a full white light witch.... she implored us with 2 sensational pins that emanate pure protection from glorified power!

Liliana is a very loving woman who's only goal is to truly help others regardless of what they seek. She has said that everyone is on a path and even if good or bad it is what they are to do. She often battles the darkness which gets her very depressed. Being able to see into other realms and communicate is good but after seeing an angel stand before her she many times just wants to join the creatures of light.

Both illuminated pins that she enchanted hold glorified protection and strength.

Liliana has had many encounters with angels and wants to share the blessings with you! She has a personal angel that has granted her all of her abilities, and her angel has released other entities of white light to come forth through Liliana to grant powers to those she blesses with her gifts!

The first pin is fulfilled with the spirit of Rennold, a generative white light creature who was born upon the divine realms. His duty is to protect and conjure aspects of negative energy and powers that will remiss the components of hurt, anger and danger that lurk around us!

Rennold will connect with you and bring forth a blanket of immediate glory that will generate a strengthening that will flourish purity and white light blessings of protection around both your physical and spiritual forms!