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I have an amazing piece to offer you. I have a dark endeared piece that was from a master vampire. He went around imparting a strong force of imperial magic upon humans all over, and a tracker realized his imparted duties of evil and killed him. The vampire was stabbed through the heart and this ring was cut off of his finger... thus being the source of projection for his abilities~!

It is now a size 7, as it was larger, but after being cut off it has been re-bonded. The piece is really cool -- very unique and showcases a 2 omniessent black stones surrounding the center majestic red stone that radiates the power.

The vampire is known as Werzol,and he was known throughout the Universe for being able to flourish his powers upon any realm!

You will be able to connect with Werzol's spirit and will be flooded with his amazing energies, abilities and knowledge.

We do not sell many dark arts items... soI know this will not last, as collectors will scoop it up!

I think this is a great piece that will be an amazing asset to your collection... it can be utilized being worn on your finger, or on a chain around your neck~

** Werzol was noted for his pristine advanced abilities in controlling the human mind. You will be enchanted with glorious abilities in mind rolling, mind manipulation, time freezing, portal jumping and powerful projectional channeling capabilities.