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In January 1925, a deadly diphtheria epidemic broke out among the children of Nome, Alaska. The nearest lifesaving serum was in Anchorage, some seven hundred miles away!

The snow covered landscape was almost impassable, and a ship would take too long. To make matters worse, the only two airplanes in the state werein storage for the long winter.

The govenor decided the serum would have to be "mushed" to Nome by a series of dogsled teams. Messages flew across telegraph lines to arrange the relay. The serum was rushed by rail to the town of Nenana. There it was handed to Wild Bill Shannon, whose dog team was the first out of eighteen teams that would carry the serum 674 miles across the frozen tundra.

The conditions were frigtening... the temperatures dipped as low as forty below zero! Gale-force wings and blinding snow hampered the drivers. The whole world was riveted by their dramatic race against time and the elements. The progress of the sleds muscled other stories off front pages of papers everywhere.

On the fifth day, all contact with the sled carrying the serum was lost, and many feared for the worst. But at 5:30 a.m., on February 1st -- 127.5 hours after the dogsled marathon began, Gunnar Kaassen emerged from the darkness to deliver the serum to Nome, led by his soon to be famous lead dog, Balto.

Kaassen said he owes the arrival to the dogs, but his safety to Jesus Christ, and honored the glory from this piece his grandmother gave him to protect him.

This cross, making the incredible journey is blessed with pure white light energies. This is a companion piece that will embrace your spirit and help guide you in life! You will be led by prophetic leaders and be protected in your time of need.

This blessed symbol of devotion, strength and courage is electrified with divine intervetion... it is a sensational white light piece that you will be blessed to own!


** Side note -- today, the epic journey that was taken to get the serum to Nome is commemorated annually in the great Anchorage-to-Nome dogsled race named after the trail of its run: the Iditarod.