Vampires 101:  Dance of Baobhan Sith

Vampires 101: Dance of Baobhan Sith

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Vampires 101:  Dance of Baobhan Sith

I put together this little sampling of vampire pieces for you.  Each one contains a vampire seedling.  You can use this seedling to birth one vampire.  It is the type of vampire that is listed in the title.  We have all different types so make sure you read all the offerings from this selection as each one contains slightly different characteristics than the next one.  I would read through the entire line up carefully before you choose which one is right for you. 

Remember, you are birthing this vampire, so it will bond to you immediately.  The more you stay in touch with this vampire, the stronger the bond will grow and the stronger your vampire's ability will grow.  Accordingly, the stronger your vampire the stronger your ability as this piece develops a direct connection between you and your vampire in a way that allows you to exhibit all the supernatural powers of that it has.  These vampires are eternal souls, so once it is birthed it is yours forever.  It will become your companion piece.  If you ever feel like you don't have time for this piece after you buy it, be sure to pass it on as the power in this item is very active!! 

This item holds the seedling that will birth the beautiful Baobhan Sith.  Don't worry it's really easy to pronounce.... say Bah Von Shee.  Yes, I know it doesn't look the way it sounds; that's because it is Celtic and Celtic never sounds the way it looks.  The Baobhan Sith are beautiful female vampires.  They are so beautiful, in fact, the she and other Baobhan Siths, usually a triad, use their exotic dances to lore unknowing passersby into the woods.  Her they intoxicate them by forcing the stranger to dance with them until they are fully hypnotized.  Then, the triad feeds off of the young travelers. 

This piece contains the seedling to birth a Baobhan Sith.  She is will appear to you as a beautiful woman.  You can use this piece to gain all of her powers including the ability of exotic dance and seduction.  You can use this piece for captivation powers to gain full psychic mind control over your target.  You will then be able to hold full remote mind control and surveillance over another persons body, being able to see through this persons eyes.  No worries, either, as the Baobhan Sith exists solely in spiritual form and requires no blood for sustenance, only constant expression of her powers through you, her controller and master!